CES 2011: BlackBerry PlayBook PM Ryan Bidan (VIDEO)


For our final Inside BlackBerry video from CES 2011, it’s my great pleasure to present the above Q&A with BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Product Manager Ryan Bidan. I ask Ryan about his show experience and a bunch of other questions sent to us by you, the readers. Check it out!

From all of us at RIM and the Inside BlackBerry team, I want to send out a hearty thank you to everyone that helped to make CES 2011 such a special event. Please post a comment and let us know what you thought about the show and what we can do to make CES 2012 even better. We hope to see you again next year!

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  • Quash

    It’s ironic – and comical – that I cannot watch this video on my Blackberry 9700, even though I can stream youtube without issue.

  • Sf18443

    Glad to hear there will be a native mail app and all that! Sounds exciting guys, as soon as they are available for pee-order, I will have my order placed!

  • Bpitts4

    I cant wait!!!! Can I get one in hand NOW!!!!

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Glad you answered those questions because people were freaking out that it was not going to have email support other then using BlackBerry Bridge!

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Glad you answered those questions because people were freaking out that it was not going to have email support other then using BlackBerry Bridge!

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  • Torch

    I can see the video in my torch. Please make an effort to make these videos available to BB browsers.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Some serious questions RIM, Douglas maybe you can hep get someone to answer these.

    1. I have just listened to an amazing POD cast by Steve Gibson and Leo Leport on Security Now who is a very smart person when it come to security and how things work together. URL to the Pod Cast http://twit.tv/sn280 This whole episode is on how Bluetooth works and that it is not that secure. It is just a matter of time before we start transmitting information over Bluetooth that bad guys want! Currently there is not enough demand to get people into hacking it yet but as soon as they do it is very easy to crack. With that in mind how does RIM protect my PIM data when its being transfered from one device to the other? I know Bridging requires a Bluetooth connection using a new Bluetooth profile I’m assuming will be called BBB for BlackBerry Bridge, from what I have heard they could crack this pairing and listen to the data being transmitted back and forth but the real question is does the PlayBook and my device still encrypt traffic so that even though it is being listened to it’s encrypted traffic and therefor data stream it is useless? Don’t get me wrong Bluetooth is encrypted itself with 128 encryption and is secure but the RFC shows how convoluted the generation of the private key is for that encryption and was not designed the best. So I just want to know (and other) that my data is still encrypted using standards that RIM currently uses when sending data through my carrier?

    2. What prevents someone from using their own PlayBook, grabbing my device while I’m not looking and stupid me I left it unlocked and pairing my BlackBerry to their PlayBook and seeing my messages? What kind of security surrounds this process? After you scan the 2D bar code do you need to type in your password before the data can be transmitted. I know people hate this type in your password stuff but I am just curious how RIM is going to secure this so some rogue person cannot watch what I am doing.

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  • Mikmich21

    Love to see the video on my phone PLEASE

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  • http://coolplaybook.com/ BlackBerry Pad

    Good to see someone from Blackberry talking about Playbook.

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  • Agorski

    I want the PlayBook, my whole office wants the PlayBook. I just now see that you are limiting it to Sprint. This is crazy. BB has EXISTING customers that want its product and you are intentionally ignoring their needs and pairing with a sinle phone service provider. I have held off on my business purchasing tablets just because of this. However, Sprint has terrible service in our area, so I guess I need to just go with a different tablet. If I do, I am leaving BB all together, never to return. This is outrageous and a slap in the face to customers that have stuck with BB for YEARS!!!

    • Ryan Bidan

      I just wanted to clarify the announcement around the exclusive partnership with Sprint on the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook. The 4G PlayBook is planned for a summer 2011 release on the Sprint network. There is also a WiFi version, which will be available during Q1 of this year. We have not yet announced distribution channels for the WiFi version, but stay tuned! We are really excited to offer a 4G version as well because we know customers are looking for this technology.

    • Roc383

      Adios amigo!!!

  • Mbal92

    Is it true, BB PlayBook will only be on Sprint? Thanks for sticking it to the rest of your BB users!!!
    If this is true, I will soon be going to Andriod!!!

    • Ryan Bidan

      See my answer above. There will be multiple variants of PlayBook available for everyone to enjoy.

  • Benedict Linda

    I want the playbook now, when is it going tobe released in Canada and nobody wants sprint so please please get it with our providers.

  • Static

    Just because its on sprint doesnt mean you cant get one… I could go get an iPad at AT&T right? The first playbook models are wifi only – so it will not need a contract from sprint.

  • hoodwinked

    @Agorski, Not sure what you need to do with your blackberry playbook, but if your business is using it with their blackberries they can always tether it to their phones. I’m actually anxiously awaiting the Wi-Fi only blackberry playbook so that I can tether it with my blackberry and not have to pay additional monies for a data plan with sprint. Just a thought, perhaps your business needs are different though.

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  • http://twitter.com/ericragle Eric Ragle

    As someone who plans on buying a tablet this year, and a current BB owner, I’m excited to learn more about the BB Bridge feature. If I understand it correctly, as long as my phone is within range, I’ll be able to use my tablet’s Bridge feature. As I was thinking about that, I realized that there is never a time during my day that my BB isn’t within arm’s reach. I really hope that the Playbook has an affordable price.

  • Jbsteam

    so tired of waiting!!!!! quite talking and strat producing

  • Redewaan America

    When will the Playbook be available in South Africa….

  • Mmscm

    Does anyone know if there is ever going to be playbook,IPAD or whatever that can be used as a phone also,so 2 costs don’t need to be incurred

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