How to back up and restore your BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 contact list


Today I’d like to show you just how easy it is to make a backup of your BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) contacts, and provide an overview of how to restore your BlackBerry Messenger profile information in the event you switch to a different BlackBerry® smartphone. Creating a backup of your contact list can help save you a lot of time spent re-inviting your friends and family, and is a great thing to have if you happen to lose your BlackBerry smartphone.

Here’s how you can back up and restore your BlackBerry Messenger information in as little as two minutes:

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  • Cedric GODART

    It would actually be easier if one could keep this friends list in the cloud like on MSN or Google Talk using one’s Blackberry ID. And it would really be fun to be able to discuss with other people from other networks from BBM. Am i dreaming? 🙂

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