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We wanted to kick off our Mobile World Congress 2011 coverage with a blast, and there’s no better way to do that than with the first ever hands-on demo of Need For Speed Underground by Electronic Arts running on a BlackBerry PlayBook. Along with Tetris, the full version of Need for Speed Underground will come pre-loaded with the BlackBerry PlayBook (for free!).

Fellow blogger and Director of Developer Relations, Mike Kirkup, provides an excellent demonstration of the game and the performance of the BlackBerry PlayBook while playing (and winning!) a race in the video above. Some additional points on the game you should know: you can upgrade and purchase additional cars; Need for Speed Underground was built natively using the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK; there are multiple driving modes; it’s free!

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  • Joris Timmerman

    How are these OpenGL apps build? With AIR and Molehill or is there a seperate SDK?

    • John R

      In the PlayBook developer webcasts, they have stated that more SDKs are coming. If you listen to the video, it’s clearly stated that this is using a native SDK (most probably C/C++) rather than AIR.

      • Caspan

        The native SDKis 8-10 times faster then a non native SDK because it is not run through an emulator for example like the Java Virtual Machine, or Abode Air etc when you run an application through an emulator it greatly reduces the speed of that application. The reason this happens is because an SDK tries to make things simple for you. Instead of you knowing how to talk to the hardware directly all you need to know is simple things volume up volume down, the Virtual Machine the SDK runs on then need to do the hard work of figuring out how to actually do that job!

  • Joris Timmerman

    So is that build using the Adobe AIR Tablet OS SDK with the Molehill API or is there a seperate SDK for OpenGL games?

    • Caspan

      This is using the Native SDK it is not using the Adobe Air application. The power of the PlayBook is there will be like 4+ SDKs so you can program in what ever language you like. When using the native SDK it is more difficult because you kind of have to connect the dots and know how to talk to the hardware and build your application from scratch. Things like a native BlackBerry application that you want to use native frames and windows you wouldn’t want to build those from scratch you can use an already existing framework so your submit button or okay button looks the same as everyone else’s and the window your application is in looks the same.

  • Joris Timmerman

    So is that build using the Adobe AIR Tablet OS SDK with the Molehill API or is there a seperate SDK for OpenGL games?

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  • Genghis_The_Great

    I am impressed that Mike is able to talk about OpenGL and drift his Lambo simultaneously and even win the race!

  • Junk

    Release date for the wifi version?

    • Caspan

      Q1 so by March 31st, 2011

  • Lukabrasi187

    same need for speed thats on my iphone!!! need for speed undercover

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  • Caspan

    I love it guys! time to show the world that the PlayBook is about to blow your pants off……

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  • Nick Holland

    When’s the Playbook gonna be released?

  • Todd

    Need for Speed is great. However we need a launch date even more!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope we will get UI Components for the Native SDK 🙂

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