BlackBerry PlayBook PM Ryan Bidan MWC 2011 Catch-up (VIDEO)

Customer Q&A

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I interviewed Ryan Bidan at CES 2011 in January to answer questions Inside BlackBerry readers had about the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. I thought Mobile World Congress 2011 would be a good opportunity to play catch-up with the BlackBerry PlayBook Product Manager, and Ryan was kind enough to give us some more time to discuss this week’s PlayBook announcements, as well as the tablet’s presence at the show. Please post a comment if you have questions you’d like us to ask Ryan in future videos!

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  • Caspan

    Will It Blend? Come one guys let him have just 1 to blend and destroy!!!! It’s great PR!

  • Todd

    I have a question. When will I be able to walk into a store and buy one?

  • Marlon Coburn

    Please include the TAT Frontrunner app with the BB Playbook. Making it the default media browser would be amazing but as long as its available in some form I think everyone will be extremely happy…. It seems to be the biggest hit on the net so far!

  • MplusJ

    Come on! You’re killing me! When is the release!?!

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