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Are you looking for the next awesome BlackBerry® smartphone app? If so, you’ll want to peruse the winning applications from the 3rd Annual BlackBerry Partners Fund Super Apps Developer Challenge. The Super Apps Challenge started with an open call to the BlackBerry developer community to tell us how they had used the Super App characteristics to deliver an application that users can’t live without. Now that the Challenge has wrapped up, we wanted to highlight some of the winners and finalists (check out the above commercial for one of our winners!).

Selected from nearly 400 applications for BlackBerry smartphones across four regions—North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America – these apps range across nine categories: Maps & Navigation, Reference & eBooks, Photo & Video, Business, News, Shopping, Utilities, Sports & Recreation, and IM & Social Networking.

Discover the kinds of Super Apps that people love and use every day:

North America


Poynt (Maps & Navigation): Poynt is designed to enable users to find businesses, retailers, restaurants, events, movies, gas prices (US only) and weather information. It uses GPS or cell-site location to quickly deliver the information users need, whenever and wherever they need it, right on their BlackBerry smartphone.


  • Dictionary and Thesaurus – (Reference & ebooks): The only free dictionary app for BlackBerry smartphones is from Their well-known reference content from and includes more than 500,000 words, definitions, and synonyms. The app also features phonetic and audio pronunciations, spelling suggestions and’s popular Word of the Day that is enjoyed by millions of people.
  • Vayyoo (Photo and Video): With Vayyoo it is easy to capture and share life’s moments in one BlackBerry application. Whether users are out with friends, having fun on vacation, or witnessing breaking news, Vayyoo makes capturing and sharing moments simple by integrating the camera, location, email and many other BlackBerry smartphone features.

Latin America


Vlingo Plus – Voice App (Utilities): Vlingo is the intelligent voice app that is designed to turn a user’s words into action. With Vlingo, users can simply speak to their BlackBerry smartphone to send a text or email message to any contact, search the web using Google® or Yahoo! ®, call a friend, update their Facebook® or Twitter® status, use instant messaging apps, and speak to virtually any application. It also reads incoming text and email messages while users are on the go.


  • Navita Sports (Sports & Recreation): Navita Sports is designed to provide up-to-the-minute sport scores and coverage including soccer, tennis, Formula 1 racing, basketball, football, hockey and rugby. Game times are based on a user’s time zone; in some sports, users can choose which categories they like to watch and more.
  • Waze (LATAM) (Maps & Navigation): Waze’s social navigation app is designed to bring users to the intersection of where geogaming meets crowdsourced traffic info and real-time live maps. In addition to providing free turn-by-turn navigation on BlackBerry smartphones, Waze is also designed to give drivers the ability to actively update users on traffic, construction, and more, reflecting a live description of the road at any given moment.

Europe / Middle East / Africa


UbiNav EU (Maps & Navigation): UbiNav is designed to turn a BlackBerry smartphone into a reliable GPS mapping solution with real-time turn by turn navigation on screen. Users can listen to the turn-by-turn vocal instructions and find whatever they need wherever they are. They can find, map, navigate to, or simply call over 10 million businesses listed within the database.


  • CamCard(Business Card Reader) (Business): CamCard is a professional business card reader based on IntSig’s market leading OCR technologies. It is designed to help users turn piles of business cards into BlackBerry contacts with just a few clicks. Users need only provide clear card photos either by built-in camera or album. Snap and click, and all info on the business card will be automatically recognized and categorized.
  • n-tv mobil (News): This application is designed to enable users to get the latest news and videos on their BlackBerry smartphones. Users can open news articles at the push of a button; open and configure Favorites; find information on scheduled German soccer league matches, and more.

Asia Pacific


Love Indonesia (Shopping): This application is an all-in-one guide to Indonesia on BlackBerry smartphones. It is a free Location-Based City Directory with different search features that are designed to help users find anything they need, such as discount promotions of merchants for each city in Indonesia, information on restaurants, hotels, shopping, movies, news, traffic, events and more. Love Indonesia currently covers 16 cities, with more cities to come.


  • Forum for BlackBerry (IM & Social Networking): REMKO’s Forum is an application for mobile devices designed to enable users to discuss the latest news and events, politics, gossip, music, sports, religion, fashion, love and relationships, and more with other BlackBerry smartphone owners worldwide. Users can also exchange images, ringtones and files with others while on the go.
  • Ramadhan Pocket Guide (Utilities): Ramadhan Pocket Guide for BlackBerry smartphones is designed to provide up to date information about Islamic Prayer Schedules, Imsak Schedules and Adzan reminders. Users can choose schedules and reminders based on location, enhanced with notification alerts using vibration and actual Adzan sounds.

Are you using any of these apps right now? Which ones do you like the best? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Stretch

    Having all these great apps is fantastic but what do you do when you don’t have the memory to download them??
    I have a World Edition 8830 Blackberry and when I started to download my first app a message came up and said that I didn’t have quite enough memory to load the new app.
    I am in business and have over 1,100 contacts and do have to save some e-mail’s so they are available when I am on the road.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Stretch,

      If you go to: Options – Status what do you see for File Free?

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