BlackBerry Travel Lets You Plan Your Trip (Beta)


We’ve got another guest blogger for you – Andreas, who’s here to tell you all about the BlackBerry® Travel™ app. It’s our newest BlackBerry Super App, and a great app for all the road warriors out there! Take it away, Andreas… – Ed.

Today, I am excited to announce the latest Beta addition to the lineup of BlackBerry® smartphone “Super Apps”: the BlackBerry Travel app.

Why would you need a native travel application for your BlackBerry smartphone? Because it’s the perfect solution for the large number of BlackBerry smartphone users who are travelling frequently and need a better way to plan, book and manage their travel plans right from their device. And because BlackBerry Travel is fully integrated with BlackBerry® 6, it gives you a seamless app experience that leverages some of the best of BlackBerry platform technology.

We have been working on the BlackBerry Travel app with our partner WorldMate® for the last few months, and today, we’ve launched the first release of the BlackBerry Travel app in the US, Canada, UK and Spain (we have a very aggressive localization roadmap, so expect us to launch a localized version in your country soon!). You can download it in the BlackBerry App World™ Test Center, and we have an additional community set up in BlackBerry Beta Zone to discuss the app!

The BlackBerry Travel app is focused on three core feature sets:

Itinerary Management

The BlackBerry Travel app is designed to automatically discover itineraries and booking confirmations that are sent to your inbox. These individual itinerary components are then quickly loaded into your BlackBerry Travel app and the accompanying BlackBerry Travel Portal. This occurs so the app can begin monitoring your itinerary components such as your flight plans, and alert you to any changes (flight delays, gate changes, cancellations and so on) as well as alert you to potential gaps (such as nights where you are missing accommodations).

The real power of this feature becomes clear if you’re dealing with complex itineraries that involve multiple booking partners and repeated changes to booking details. No more searching for the last mail from your travel agent! The BlackBerry Travel app is designed to auto-discover any booking confirmation or itinerary change mailed to your account and automatically insert, remove, adjust the components of your trip itinerary so everything is up to date and monitored for status changes.

Flight Search and Hotel Booking

Missed your flight, or had your flight cancelled? Search for alternate flights or book a hotel right from your phone. We are excited to bring you an inventory of more than 110,000 hotels worldwide through our partnership with the Expedia® Affiliate Network. The hotel search is contextualized, allowing you to very quickly find the right accommodation based on your location and preferences.

Travel Tools

Whether you travel for business or for fun, we know you need information about your surroundings, so we have built a comprehensive local search application right into the BlackBerry Travel app to help you find what you’re looking for. Because of our integration with LinkedIn, the app is designed to notify you if any of your LinkedIn contacts are in the same location, so you can reconnect with friends and colleagues on the road!

Download the BlackBerry Travel app from the BlackBerry App World Test Center if you’re a BlackBerry smartphone user in the US, Canada, UK or Spain – also, check out the community on BlackBerry Beta Zone to discuss the app. As we mentioned earlier, if you aren’t located in one of those four countries, keep an eye out for your country to be added soon – and keep checking back to the Inside BlackBerry blog for more info on the BlackBerry Travel app coming soon!

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  • Bingo

    Looks Great!!!!!! I’m going to download this now!!!! Amaizing! wish all your apps were like this one!!

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  • JohnP

    @Bingo, you wish they were all travel apps?

  • Arsalankhan_21

    Its not supported in Pakistan

  • Publicly Private

    The interface looks clean. Has anyone tested the application out? It’d be nice to see Facebook sharing integrated as well.

  • Harrison

    I just tried to register. It keeps timing out. Good idea on this though. Can’t wait to get registered. RIM and Blackberry are headed in a great direction.

  • Patriciamejia30

    Seems pretty helpful, will download it right now, thx

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  • Dls Ebss

    Same issue as Harrison. Have tried to register multiple times over a 4 hour period, and it keeps timing out.

    • BlackBerryHelp_Brian

      Hey Dls Ebss,

      Are you meeting all the system requirement?

      Countries – US, Canada, UK or Spain
      4000 KB of available application memory
      BlackBerry Internet Bundle browsing capabilities
      BlackBerry® Device Software Version 5.0 or later


  • ShawTeam

    Times out repeatedly, even during the registration process. I replied to the email sent and apparently activated my new account, but trying to log in times out every time I try over the last three hours. I don’t know what the app looks like when it is running because I can never get in to it.

  • James Sloat

    I downloaded and it works, however, it will not keep your personal settings. You have to reset every time you open the app. I did register without any problems in reply to other comments. Could be a good application in the future, however, as it is now I just offloaded it from my phone. Better to go with the original Worldmate app if that is the platform you are looking for.

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  • Wpfd71

    Downloaded it and already have a planned trip uploaded. Have the itinerary on the app and the BB calendar updated automatically. So far… loving it.

  • John Cameron Stevens

    The only problem *I* have is that my company books all travel through AMEX. Though i’d try to use it for personal travel.

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