BlackBerry PlayBook Stereoscopic 3D Demo (VIDEO)


[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Earlier this week, we showed you some BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet applications being demoed by The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) at Mobile World Congress 2011. Both the ‘Scrapbook’ app demo and BlackBerry® WebWorks™ videos were great demonstrations of the power the BlackBerry PlayBook platform has for providing a rich application experience – and that wasn’t all TAT had on hand for us!

The above concept demo, which shows a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet outputting stereoscopic 3D visuals, demonstrates many of the hardware features of the tablet: 1080P HD visual, micro HDMI output, and multi-touch support. It’s also really cool to look at, whether you’re wearing 3D glasses or not! Check it out and let us know what you think of the possibilities of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

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    […] /**/ /**/ « QNX Software Syncs Up Concept Corvette with…The Astonishing Tribe Demos Stereoscopic 3D App Postedby BlackBerry Coolon February 22, 2011, at 9:28 AMin News. Comments: View Comments tweetmeme_style='compact'; View Comments YouTube LinkThe Astonishing Tribe has been showing off some pretty cool concept apps at Mobile World Congress and one of them is a stereoscopic 3D app. The app shows off a carousel style view of some stereoscopic 3D images and shows how the 1080p high definition display, combined with the HDMI output, a nice flatscreen and some fancy coding, all work smoothly together.The idea of wearing glasses to view 3D is a little lame, but again, it’s just a concept app. Read more about it from Inside BlackBerry.google_ad_client="pub-7131708721983712";google_ad_slot="2579457768";google_ad_width=300;google_ad_height=250; Related Posts:RIM’s Acquisition of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) Means Awesome UI DesignRIM and TAT Show Off Scrapbook App for the PlayBookRoundup of PlayBook Apps Demo’d at Mobile World CongressZeebu Mobile Demos Baby GO for the BlackBerry PlayBookBlackBerry PlayBook Ads Promote Powerful HardwarePermalinkPost Comment« QNX Software Syncs Up Concept Corvette with…blog comments powered by Disqus /**/ var DsqLocal={'trackbacks':[],'trackback_url':""}; /**/ /**/ Quick LinksReviewsEditorialsHelpPodcastsVideosSubscribeRSSPodcastEmailTwitterBBCool MobileStaff PicksThe Best Free Apps For BlackBerry foursquare FREE Google Maps FREE SmrtGuard-Free FREE Viigo FREE Poynt FREE /**/ FB.init("d404c94e6e9520664fd0095b4ee726d7");BlackBerry Cool on FacebookSpotlightsThe Story of Possibly the First Branded BlackBerry Game View CommentsHow the iPod Tax Affects the Cost of Your Smartphone in Canada View Comments5 Tips for Success When Selling Your App in BlackBerry App World View CommentsBlackBerry Style 9670 Review: The First Clamshell, Full QWERTY BlackBerry View CommentsComparing Mobihand and App World Vendor Portals: What’s Best for the Developer? View Comments /**/ Email Updates Twitter CounterRecent Visits from Twitterers Skyscraper Large /**/ Browse by MonthFebruary 2011 (70)January 2011 (105)December 2010 (97)November 2010 (107)October 2010 (96)September 2010 (124)August 2010 (145)July 2010 (127)June 2010 (122)May 2010 (121)April 2010 (152)March 2010 (176)February 2010 (149)January 2010 (145)December 2009 (171)November 2009 (121)October 2009 (124)September 2009 (112)August 2009 (145)July 2009 (153)June 2009 (170)May 2009 (185)April 2009 (176)March 2009 (154)View archivesTop TagsWES (215)blackberry storm (269)blackberry-curve (261)Announcements (912)blackberry (436)blackberry bold (253)wireless industry (658)united-states (225)canada (290)software (664)consumer (273)RIM (1081)free app (260)Rumors (360)BlackBerry-Help (231)Skyscraper2 /**/ BlackBerry CoolThe voice of the BlackBerry community. Contributors | Contact | AdvertiseCopyright ©2008 BlackBerry Cool.All Rights Reserved. PrivacyBrowse by Tags free app blackberry bold blackberry-curve WES wireless industry blackberry storm verizon rogers BlackBerry-Help consumer Rumors software RIM enterprise blackberry Announcements united-states canada Browse by CategoryBlackBerry-Help (319)Editorials (501)News (8208)Podcasts (69)Reviews (297)Spotlight (733)Top-Story (132)Videos (45)vPost (36)Weekly-Contest (18)SubscribeFeeds: RSS 2.0 | RSS 0.92 | AtomPodcast: RSS Feed | iTunesSocial: Twitter | LinkedIn | FacebookGet updates by email: […]

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