BlackBerry PlayBook WebWorks Demo (VIDEO)


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Following the BlackBerry Developer Day App Circus at Mobile World Congress 2011, Director of Developer Relations, Mike Kirkup, was able to give me a brief look at a BlackBerry PlayBook application developed by The Astonishing Tribe that demonstrates the power and flexibility of BlackBerry WebWorks platform.

The “aura” application shown in the video above demonstrates rich graphics and physics engine similar to TAT’s “scrapbook” demo, but was built entirely with web technologies like HTML5 and CSS. Built in a week, “aura” demonstrates how web developers can leverage the professional grade performance of the BlackBerry PlayBook platform just like Adobe AIR and native application developers.

This is a perfect example of why developers packed the BlackBerry Developer Day WebWorks bootcamp sessions yesterday. Click the link below to download the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK and start building your own BlackBerry PlayBook Application!

BlackBerry WebWorks SDK For BlackBerry Tablet OS

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