Twitter for BlackBerry v1.1 (Beta): Geotagging and More!


Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones v1.1

Twitter® is getting an update! We’re thrilled to bring you the latest beta version of Twitter for BlackBerry® smartphones v1.1, which recently launched through BlackBerry® Beta Zone.

Some of the new and exciting features in this release include Geotagging Tweets, Push @Mentions, Chat-Style Messages, #Topic Autocomplete and more! You’ll also notice that we’ve updated the Twitter graphics throughout the app to reflect the new look of the Twitter brand.

Geotagging Tweets

Geotagging functionality on Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones is designed to allow you to add your geographical location to Tweets (i.e. the neighborhood and city you are located in at the time of your Tweet). Geotags provide valuable context to your Tweets, as it allows others to see what location you’ve tweeted from. You can enable this feature in the Options menu, as it is turned off by default.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones v1.1

Push @Mentions

Now when you’re mentioned on Twitter, you’ll immediately receive a notification on your BlackBerry smartphone through the use of BlackBerry Push technology. You can control whether you want to be notified when anyone mentions you, or just when your followers mention you. With Push @Mentions, you’ll know who is talking about you or to you, so you can continue the conversation as it happens.

Chat-Style Messages

We’ve renamed Direct Messages to Messages to align with the online Twitter experience and redesigned the interface to follow a chat-style layout. Personally, this is one of my favorite changes! :)

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones v1.1

#Topic Autocomplete

The #Topic Autocomplete feature will pop up a list of keywords based on previous hashtagged words(e.g. BlackBerry) in Tweets, Retweets, or any hashtagged words you’ve selected or searched for in Popular Topics, as well as in applications like Facebook® for BlackBerry smartphones.

Many of these new features have been added based on your suggestions, so we’d like to thank you for helping us to continually improve our app. To try out Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones v1.1, sign up to become a BlackBerry Beta Zone user if you haven’t already, and let us know what you think!

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