How to configure Sound and Alert profiles in BlackBerry 6


BlackBerry 6

One of the easiest ways to personalize your BlackBerry® smartphone is to change the default Sounds and Alerts Profiles. I’d like to provide an overview of how these profiles work and what options you can modify to suit your needs! This means custom sounds and alerts for anything ranging from phone calls, messages, reminders and browser content in addition to other applications.

This overview will be applicable for any BlackBerry smartphone that is using BlackBerry® 6. If you are using a different version of BlackBerry® Device Software, check out the user guide for information on how to configure the Sounds and Alerts Profiles on the operating system for your BlackBerry smartphone. In case you don’t know which version of BlackBerry Device Software you are using, check out this knowledge base article.

Additionally, to find out if BlackBerry 6 is available for your particular BlackBerry smartphone model, check out this post which provides information on how to perform a web-based BlackBerry software update. Provided your wireless provider supports it, you may be able to upgrade to BlackBerry 6.

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