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We recently introduced in-app purchasing with BlackBerry® Payment Service 1.0, which allows developers to create apps that offer their customers the ability to make purchases through the app using the same BlackBerry® ID and payment method used to buy apps in BlackBerry App World™ storefront. Today I wanted to show you what you may see when you use an app with the in-app purchase ability, as well as showcase the levels of authentication and security.

Below is an example of a purchase made through the Hockey Scores app. The app is free on BlackBerry App World and is supported by small advertisements. If you’d rather not be distracted by advertising, you have the option to purchase the service of removing advertising on the app by paying $0.99.

BlackBerry App World

If you’re not logged into the payment function with your BlackBerry ID, you’ll be prompted to sign in – the same as in BlackBerry App World. If you are already logged in, you won’t be prompted to log in again (you’re logged in for 20 minutes at a time before you’re prompted again) – but the “Confirm Purchase” screen will still appear so you see the full price and tax before the purchase happens.

As with any system that has purchase capabilities, you’ll always want to keep your eyes on it. BlackBerry Protect, which is available now in open beta, can help you always know where your BlackBerry smartphone is – read more the BlackBerry Protect webpage!

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