BlackBerry World: Wireless Achievement Awards Finalists


Wireless Achievement Awards

A few months ago, we let you know about the Wireless Achievement Awards (formerly known as the Wireless Leadership Awards). Today we are very excited to present the finalists to you, with the Winners being announced next week at the 2011 BlackBerry World™ conference.

The Wireless Achievement Awards are presented to customers who are doing business in new and better ways with game-changing BlackBerry® deployments. These high achievers are in a category of their own for their vision, efforts, and most of all, their awe-inspiring achievements. They partner with app development partners to mobilize corporate systems that were once only available by sitting at a desk. They increase performance, make a difference to the bottom line and simplify life for their employees.

So with no further ado – for your reading enjoyment, here is a brief summary of information and results provided by each finalist. As always, these results are specific to each organization:

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