How to sync music, video, and photos with the BlackBerry PlayBook


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Now that you have a new BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet and you’re eager to load your favorite music, videos and photos from your BlackBerry® smartphone, PC or other devices, we want to point you to a powerful tool to make managing, transferring, and backing up files a snap: BlackBerry® Desktop Software. I had a chance earlier in the week to sit down with fellow Inside BlackBerry blogger Andrey about the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Software and get a demo of how to sync media and create backups with the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Check it out!

Here’s a quick checklist of some of the features BlackBerry Desktop Software offers for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users:

  • BlackBerry PlayBook media sync (music/photos/videos)
  • BlackBerry PlayBook software updates notification with option to upgrade via USB
  • BlackBerry PlayBook device switch wizard to quickly transfer information (applications/media/settings/user data) between tablets
  • BlackBerry PlayBook backup and restore (applications/media/settings/user data), with automated backups and data encryption

CurrentBlackBerry Desktop Software users have already been notified of the updated version with BlackBerry PlayBook support. Those who missed the notification or haven’t used the software before can download it from our BlackBerry Desktop Software page.

Note: BlackBerry Desktop Software comes in both Mac and PC flavors. However, the Mac version of BlackBerry Desktop Software will not feature BlackBerry PlayBook tablet support at launch. Mac users can still move files to and from their BlackBerry PlayBook via USB or wireless transfer. Stay tuned for more info on an updated version of BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac!

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