BlackBerry PlayBook Android App Player Demo (VIDEO)


(YouTube link for easy mobile viewing)

As a follow up to our March announcement about the Android® application player for the BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet, I got a chance to talk to Nedim, Senior Director, Architecture at RIM and get a first-hand demo of the Android app player (right after Nedim showed it to a packed audience at the BlackBerry World 2011™ General Session keynote). The application player for Android Apps will be available later this summer for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users.

What Nedim showed me (and what you’ll see in the video) is an impressive and familiar end-user experience (including PlayBook-specific gestures). The Android Player really shows off some of the cool apps that BlackBerry PlayBook tablet owners will be able to access and enjoy soon. Post a comment and let us know what you think!

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