Inside BlackBerry: Our BBM Emoticon Wall


BBM Emoticon Wall

Hello, #TeamBlackBerry! Community Manager Mitchell here, hoping you’ve had a great week. Are you following our @BlackBerry and @BlackBerryBlog Twitter® accounts?  If so, be sure to drop us a line and let us know what cool stuff you’re up to right now – we always love hearing what the great members of our community are up to (why not show us by taking some photos for our official BlackBerry Flickr albums?).

In this first edition of our “Inside BlackBerry” series, I am going to take you behind the scenes at Research In Motion® (RIM®) and show you one of the wonderful new additions to our workplace! We hinted at this addition to our office in one of our Facebook® posts and, after receiving a lot interest in seeing the full picture, we decided to feature it in this blog post! Now, for those of you who know what we are talking about, kudos to you; for those of you scratching your brain, we are talking about the famous Emoticon Wall!

BBM Emoticon Wall and Mitchell

What’s really cool about the Emoticon Wall is that it shows every single emoticon available to use on BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™), which to me is wicked awesome and super helpful. Sometimes the Emoticon Wall moves to different places in our building, sometimes in a different order, but always with those friendly BBM emoticons! I wanted to share this with you because it reminds me every day how much the #TeamBlackBerry community loves BBM, and how sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words (which is handy when you’re chatting with friends on the go!). What’s your favorite emoticon, #TeamBlackBerry? Mine has got to be TALK TO THE HAND: “>:/”.

There are a bunch of other really great displays like the Emoticon Wall around RIM. For example, in our recent Get to Know Community Manager Carolyn post, you can see my fellow Community Manager in front of our new Application Wall. Stay tuned for more pictures and stories from around RIM HQ!

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