Introducing BlackBerry Balance!


Today, we’re very excited to announce BlackBerry® Balance™ technology!

We’ve built BlackBerry Balance with everyone in your company in mind. Employees will be happy knowing they can carry the BlackBerry® smartphone that best suits their needs and personality; your Chief Risk Officer and IT admins will be relieved knowing that they can now secure business information on personal devices; and everyone will be more connected knowing that one device lets you access both personal and corporate data.

BlackBerry Balance is part of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 5.0.3 release and also BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, and we see it as a major step forward for today’s IT managers who are responsible for BlackBerry smartphone deployments.

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About Hilary A.

Hilary works within the Global Business Communications group at Research In Motion (RIM), with a focus on connecting BlackBerry smartphone devices with events, individuals and organizations who are Thought Leaders in Enterprise. Previously an entrepreneur, Hilary began at RIM as a subject matter expert within the Small and Medium-sized Business Marketing Team. She is passionate about cultural movements, new media, meeting interesting people and local arts & culture. Her favorite app is Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones.

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