BlackBerry PlayBook Haiku: Top Ten Haikus!


BlackBerry PlayBook haiku

Greetings #TeamBlackBerry! I’m pumped from all the positive feedback for our BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Tablet Haiku contests on our @BlackBerry Twitter® account. It has been a great pleasure to read everyone’s wonderful haiku submissions over the past few weeks, as well as hear from winners like our friend Alex, who posted how much he’s enjoying his BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on his blog.

Wait, what’s a “BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Haiku?”

We ran a couple of sweet contests on Twitter asking our fans to submit a haiku about what excites them the most about the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The winners of the Haiku contests were awarded their very own BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. By the way, if you’re not sure what a haiku is, it’s a poem that’s a total of three lines and seventeen syllables that follows a pattern of five syllables for the first line, seven for the second and five for the third. Here’s my shot at one:

The PlayBook is sweet
It multi-tasks and is light
Please buy me one now

What do you think of my first-ever attempt at a haiku? I know it doesn’t compare to all of your great submissions – which, by the way, numbered 2,165 haikus for the first contest and 1,150 for the second contest, making a whopping total of 3,315 BlackBerry PlayBook tablet haikus! Special thanks goes out to those who submitted haikus.

Now that you know what this contest was about – and have seen my amazing attempt at crafting a haiku – it’s time to announce the top 10 haikus we received! The first five are from our first round…drumroll please!

And finally, here is our group of winners from the second haiku contest, who each also won a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Haiku contests. It was a joy for me to read your submissions on a daily basis. Please note that we will run more events on our social media channels in the near future, so stay tuned!

Until next time, #TeamBlackBerry!


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