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For the Social Media team here at Research In Motion® (RIM®), our “Meet the PlayBook” events were an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with #TeamBlackBerry members and talk about the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. Kicked off at the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet launch event in New York City, and followed by events in Toronto, Washington D.C., Chicago and Atlanta, “Meet the PlayBook” gave our team firsthand feedback on how mobile technology and RIM products are a part of your everyday lives. I want to personally thank everyone that attended for sharing their time and their excitement.

At RIM, we take your feedback very seriously. At each “Meet the PlayBook” event, we had a film crew recording the experience attendees were having with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. You can see a video snippet of those recordings above. We also encouraged each winner heading home with a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to write about their thoughts and experiences with the device and tell us what they liked – and just as importantly, what they don’t like – and share that with us. Some of the reviews below are from those BlackBerry PlayBook tablet prize winners, and include links to the full text as well. We were touched that “Meet the PlayBook” attendees took the time to write about the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet not only on their own blogs and social channels, but on major consumer electronics review sites as well.

Below you will also find reviews about the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet by everyday shoppers, BlackBerry® smartphone users and other tablet enthusiasts – we provided them the PlayBook, but their opinions are 100% their own. Don’t hesitate to post a comment of your own and let us know what you think too! Hopefully, we’ll be in your town soon for another #TeamBlackBerry event.

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Name: Tiana T. Horton*

“Drove in from Detroit for PlayBook Chicago. It was worth it and then some. It’s everything a tablet should be. Portable. Lightweight. When my Bold needs a break to recharge I won’t miss a beat with the PlayBook. As a single mom of four, I’m always on the go, the PlayBook would be the PERFECT assistant. I’m SOLD!!!!!!!!!! #PlayBookCHI”

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Name: Nonikai*

“Fluid navigation with infinite app possibility makes for a very capable device. A life tool, this is!”

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Name: Blunty3000 (VIDEO)**

“Somebody was paying attention when they designed this thing.”

“The word I used to describe it when I first picked it up is that it feels… luxurious. It doesn’t feel expensive, but it feels kind of classy, kind of pleasant to hold. Very, very nice.”

“You can do a bunch of nifty tricks with the bezel itself. It’s really natural, really smooth, really quick, really elegant and I love it. It’s awesome.”

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Name: Carol Cain**

“We got stopped a lot by people on the street asking us what it was, they hadn’t seem a tablet as small as this one. I was able to easily store it in its felt case and in my purse without a problem, which I appreciated when having to stop everything to run after my boys.”

“The battery life is wonderful. We set out with only a third of it charged, and still managed to take tons of videos and photos without it dying on us.”

“I have been enjoying the Blackberry Playbook, when I am not fighting off my husband for it.”

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Name: Alex Trevisan*

“One of the best uses I believe the PlayBook is suited for (which I doubt was BlackBerry’s intention) is gaming. The tablet comes preloaded with Need For Speed Undercover and displays it beautifully. The PlayBook is the perfect size for gaming and fits in your hands naturally, unlike other larger tablets.”

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Name: ErinC*

“I’m a little addicted to the “Need for Speed” game! And Tetris comes pre-loaded, too … which is awesome! Not to mention when I bridge it to my BlackBerry phone, it makes catching up on email super easy.”

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Name: Heather*

“I am completely wowed by the graphics on the PlayBook as well as how much can run on it and stay running at any one time. Everything loads very fast.”

“BlackBerry is really smart with their choice of how you control the tablet with your fingers. Opening windows, closing windows, and opening up options are all very smooth.”

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Name: Benjamin Bach**

“I noticed this afternoon that my iPad is still sitting in the box my Playbook came in. It hasn’t been turned on since the Playbook came into my life. I really like the feel of the Playbook – it’s a great size (about half the size of the iPad), and the operating system (OS) is hands down better than the iPad’s OS.”

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Name: Cameron Stevens*

“I’d actually started this review on my PlayBook in Word-to-Go, part of Documents-to-Go, while riding the bus to work and it was quite easy to type, I really like the responsiveness of the keyboard!”

“Overall, a good device, for business or personal use. It’s solid, has the right features, and comes with Tetris. It also comes with Need for Speed Underground, but this was my serious review. It’s the best tablet I’ve used and I’m happy to have it.”

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Name: Tamara A. Marbury**

“I love the speed, and being someone who is always doing a million things at once, I love that I can truly multitask on the PlayBook just as I can on my laptop. I can have my browser open and running, and swipe it up and open an app, swipe that up and then open my BBM conversation–all running at the same time.”

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Name: Hollie Pollard*

“One of the things I noticed was the amount of work you can actually get done on the tablet, definitely will make productivity a breeze.”

“As most of you are aware the Blackberry Playbooks has outstanding graphics and well when watching a video the quality was the best I have seen. I also played a game of Tetris (don’t get addicted, it will take away from your productivity) and it was easy to manipulate and have some fun.”

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Name: Roderick Scott*

“[The PlayBook] also does something that no other tablet offers, the full internet just like on a desktop. Add this along with tabbed browsing, the ability to copy/paste, save web images, and full Adobe Flash support makes this browser the best in show.”

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Name: J.Leila*

“SO now that I have played with this tablet for a few weeks I must say I am in love. It is so fast, such a perfect size, so lightweight, excellent battery life, and the blackberry bridge capability is absolutely awesome! It also takes amazing pictures and when I feel lazy, I can BBM via my playbook.”

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Name: Ana Flores**

“It didn´t take me long to figure out my favorite things about you are your high definition screen, your size and weight that are not only perfect for carrying you around, but also to entertain my preschooler; your video and photo camera and the option to reverse the cameras (love, love that!); and the fact that you can handle my multitasking obsession by keeping all the apps I need open. But, what really made me say: “oh, such a little detail, but so, so needed,” is your ability to open and play Flash sites.”

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Name: Cherrie D. Bautista**

Surf the web and actually enjoy it! Streaming video, games and social networking that you enjoy from your desktop computer is packed into this ultra portable tablet. Futhermore, support for Adobe Flash 10.2 and HTML5 means you get all the Internet has to offer.”

“This tablet has rich stereo sound and a crystal clear, high resolution display optimized for HD content. You can take your own HD videos, or enjoy movies, music, home videos and even the web in high definition on your HDTV with standard HDMI connections.”

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* BlackBerry PlayBook tablet winner
** BlackBerry PlayBook tablet provided by RIM for the purpose of trial and review.

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