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BlackBerry PlayBook tablet browsing

Welcome to the first Five Tip Friday here at the Inside BlackBerry® Help Blog, where I plan on sharing five tips and tricks on all things BlackBerry® smartphone and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet! I want to pass along any tips and tricks you care to share as well, so make sure you leave a comment so I can include it in the future.

For our first week, here are a few of my tips while using the browser on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet:

1. Double tap to zoom in and out while browsing the Web

If you are viewing a blog – let’s say the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog – and you want to zoom in on a post, you can pinch to zoom or double tap, which I like because it zooms in the right on the column. To zoom out again, just repeat the process.

To help show what I mean, I’ve placed a red X where I was tapping on the screen. Here is a screenshot before double tapping on the red X:

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