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BlackBerry 7

Happy Friday #TeamBlackBerry! Since the new BlackBerry® 7 smartphones based on the BlackBerry® 7 OS are now available, here are five tips that every BlackBerry 7 smartphone user should know!

1. Add Music, Pictures and Videos to the Home Screen

On top of being able to add a shortcut on your home screen to get quick access to websites, contacts and files, you also have the ability to add shortcuts to music, pictures and videos. For example, you can create a new folder on your home screen and add some of your favorite albums or playlists. Before we start, add a new folder – while on the home screen, press the Menu key and select Add Folder.

1. Browse to a website, or highlight the item (i.e. Playlist) that you want to create a shortcut for.
2. Press the Menu key and select Add to Home Screen.

  • To change the name of the shortcut, type a new name.
  • To change the location where the shortcut appears, change the Location field.
  • To add the shortcut to your Favorites panel, select the Mark as Favorite checkbox.

3. Click Add.

BlackBerry 7 tips BlackBerry 7 tips

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