BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.7.2942: now with differential updates!


BlackBerry Tablet OS

Hi all, Michael here once again to tell you about the latest update available for your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. BlackBerry® Tablet OS v1.0.7.2942 is available today and it introduces one small but very important new feature: differential updates. The differential updates feature allows us to update only the sections of the BlackBerry Tablet OS that require updating. This should result in smaller download file sizes and therefore faster updating for you! Of course, the differential updates feature will also come in handy as we prepare for more feature-packed BlackBerry Tablet OS updates later this year. =D

Note: BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users must already have BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.7.2670 installed to experience differential updates. Going forward, all BlackBerry PlayBook tablets running v1.0.7.2942 or higher will experience differential updates.

In addition to adding new features to the BlackBerry Tablet OS, the BlackBerry PlayBook team at Research In Motion® (RIM®) is always looking for ways to improve your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet experience. As such, we’re thrilled to tell you that we’ve also improved the performance of two key features in BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.7.2942.

  • Improved Wi-Fi® connectivity to WEP networks
  • Faster pairing between a BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet via the BlackBerry® Bridge™ app, and faster attachment opening via BlackBerry Bridge.

How to update to BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.7.2942

BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.7.2942 can be downloaded over-the-air from your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Users who purchase and activate a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on or after Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 will be automatically updated to v1.0.7.2942 as part of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet setup process. Existing BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users will be presented with a software update notification on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet status ribbon, or they can check for the software update at any time in the Settings Menu under Software Updates.

There will also be an update to the BlackBerry Bridge application at this time, so make sure to install it on your BlackBerry smartphone for maximum compatibility!

About Michael C.

Michael joined Research In Motion® (RIM®) in 2001, and has worn a variety of hats from customer and developer support to product management. In his current role as Director of Software Product Management, his time is focused on building BlackBerry® 10. Always ready to get stuff done, Michael is truly a BlackBerry® power user, but always has time to listen to customers and co-workers on how to improve BlackBerry’s products.

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