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Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Greetings #TeamBlackBerry! I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer so far – anybody have any big plans for the last bit of the season?😉 Based on the number of responses to our tweet “What would you say you do most on your #BlackBerry?”, I’d say you’re all planning to stay very busy, and a big part of what you’ll do is stay in constant touch with your friends and share all that’s happening. Below, see the Top 5 BlackBerry® apps according to #TeamBlackBerry. (BTW: For my end of summer vacation, I’m planning a little bit of a Europe trip, including Amsterdam, Munich, Interlaken, Marseilles, Monte-Carlo, Ibiza, Barcelona, UK, and Ireland! Good thing I’ve got the BlackBerry® Travel app installed to help keep my plans in order. Download it now and take it for a spin if you’re a travel warrior like me!)

#1 – BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

BlackBerry Messenger

When it comes to must-have apps on a BlackBerry® smartphone, BlackBerry® Messenger™ (BBM™) was the most mentioned – no surprise! Currently I use BBM to keep in touch with my friends locally and globally (I’ll do so especially on my Euro-trip), and it sounds like many of you do this as well. As a bonus tip: Did you know that you can use BBM over Wi-Fi®*? If you use BBM in different countries, just sync up to an accessible Wi-Fi network and enjoy BlackBerry Messenger!

Download BBM right now!

#2 – Email

The second most popular application selected by #TeamBlackBerry members to use on their BlackBerry smartphone is email. The ease and speed with which a BlackBerry smartphone delivers your email to you was a big winner. No surprises here: this is what BlackBerry smartphones are known for!

#3 – Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

#TeamBlackBerry loves to tweet, and that’s why Twitter® for BlackBerry® smartphones comes in at number 3 in our list of the Top 5 BlackBerry apps. Twitter® for BlackBerry smartphones allows me to see what all my Twitter friends are up to, and to let them know what I thought of the latest episode of Game of Thrones (Ned!).

Download Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones

#4 – BlackBerry Camera

Photo by @BB_photog

I know from firsthand experience how important it is to take photos on the go, and a BlackBerry smartphone allows you to do this quickly and easily! So it’s not surprising that at number 4, #TeamBlackBerry members selected the BlackBerry smartphone camera as one of the apps they use most. BTW, have you taken a look at our Tips and Tricks for taking photos on your BlackBerry smartphone blog post? Also, be sure you visit our BlackBerry Images albums on Flickr®, which are populated with pictures that you guys submit to us on Twitter! (A highlight is the BlackBerry Travels album – I’m sensing a travel theme, here…)

#5 – Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones

Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones

Finally, a huge number of you use your BlackBerry smartphones to check up on your Facebook® profile, upload pictures and chat with your friends while you’re on the go. I know I use the app extensively day in and day out, especially to share cool pictures I take with my friends. Be sure to check out our post on Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v2.0, and then download Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones!

Take care #TeamBlackBerry, until next time!

*Data plan required.

About Mitchell S.

Mitchell is Research In Motion® (RIM®)'s Community Manager, who spends most of his day following conversation and tweets that happen around the BlackBerry® brand. He is actively engaging in conversations across RIM’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, MyBlackBerry) and will be authoring a few blog posts on Inside BlackBerry from time-to-time. Mitchell enjoys travelling, spending time with his friends and going to live shows on the weekend.

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