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BlackBerry News 1.1

I’m E-Ming, a Product Manager at Research In Motion® (RIM®), and I wanted to tell you about the recent update to BlackBerry® News application for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet! Before I get into the details of what’s new in BlackBerry News 1.1, I wanted to take a minute to thank #TeamBlackBerry for all the feedback that’s been provided so far! Be sure to keep it coming* – we love hearing about what you think of our app.

For those of you new to the app, BlackBerry News is a news aggregator that works with the RSS feeds provided by many different content providers. It enables you to subscribe to multiple RSS feeds and then have them delivered to a single location to get the latest news, right on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Pretty convenient, huh? If you want to get further caught up, be sure to read our original post about BlackBerry News for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Now, let’s walk through the new functionality in BlackBerry News 1.1.

Portrait Orientation Support

BlackBerry News 1.1

We’ve optimized support for portrait mode by providing an article list view to help you view more headlines at a single time. We’ve also optimized the article list view, so instead of getting your magazine layout in landscape mode, you’ll get a portrait-mode list view of all the articles for quicker headline browsing. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a casual browse of your news or you’re a journalism junkie looking to stay on top of all the headlines, we’ve got you covered.

New Visual Indicators – “new” and articles marked read

BlackBerry News 1.1

We’ve added two new visual indicators – one that provides more context regarding which channels have new articles added since the app’s last content update, and another that displays which articles have already been read, so you’ll never have to read the same article twice (unless you want to!).

Go to Next/Previous Article

BlackBerry News 1.1

New navigational buttons mean you can easily move to the next or previous article. (I find these buttons make it much easier to read through my RSS feeds when I’m on the go.)

BlackBerry News 1.1

Channel Switcher From Magazine View

BlackBerry News 1.1

Using the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s top-down swipe gesture, you can access the new channel switcher functionality to quickly switch to another category. Perfect for all you news addicts with quick attention spans!

Go to Feed After Subscribing

BlackBerry News 1.1

After subscribing to a feed in our content library, you now have the ability to go directly to that feed, so you can start reading your news right away.

Update News Through Data Tethering

With this update, you can take advantage of a paired BlackBerry® smartphone, so you can connect and update your feeds wherever you are and stay on top of what’s happening. Just make sure you have your BlackBerry smartphone paired up and a valid data tethering plan with your carrier.

Download Today!

Just as a reminder, your BlackBerry News subscriptions will be synced with your BlackBerry® ID, which means your news is available via BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or BlackBerry smartphone. So if you happen to be on the go without your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you can still catch up on your favorite news by using your BlackBerry smartphone and the BlackBerry News Feeds application that’s available on the BlackBerry App World™ storefront.

I hope this update is helpful. And I hope you decide to download the updated BlackBerry News for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet today, and come back and share your feedback!

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As a Product Manager for Consumer content applications, E-ming joined Research In Motion (RIM) in 2010 and is focused on creating the best consumer experience for products delivering content to BlackBerry smartphones. When not in the office working, he can be found spending time with his family or tearing it up on the golf course.

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