BBM Social Platform SDK v1.0 for BlackBerry WebWorks General Availability Release


(Originally posted on the Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog)

We are pleased to announce the availability of the BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) Social Platform SDK v1.0 for BlackBerry® WebWorks™! The SDK is now ready for download and hardened thanks in large part to your beta feedback. So now it’s time to realize the power of social interactions with BBM right within your BlackBerry WebWorks application.

In conjunction with BlackBerry WebWorks SDK v2.2, this documented set of APIs is designed to give developers the ability to accomplish the following with BBM:

  • Access and update fields in the user’s profile such as status, avatar and personal message
    create app-specific custom areas within the user’s profile for promoting your app and recent activity
    related to it, e.g. achievements
  • Initiate BBM chats with BBM users
  • Initiate file transfers
  • Share applications for download virally with friends in the contact list
  • Initiate application-to-application background communication through BBM for sending and receiving application signaling, data

Furthermore, we’re excited to share a few changes that complement this SDK since the last beta release and here’s what you can expect to see:

To get started, download the SDK of the BBM Social Platform for BlackBerry WebWorks from the BlackBerry Developer Zone. For on device testing with the BBM Social Platform SDK, you will need to upgrade to the latest BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 version available on BlackBerry App World™. BBM-Connected Applications are supported on BlackBerry smartphones versions 5.0 and later.

To get started with the BBM Social Platform SDK 1.0 for BlackBerry WebWorks and review all the supported features, be sure to check out BlackBerry® Developer Zone’s BBM Social Platform page, and as always, stay tuned to the BlackBerry Developer Blog for more updates on our platform.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences combining the power of the Web and the BBM Social Platform!

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