Nitobi Helps Close the Gap with the PhoneGap Tool


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COM12 – PhoneGap and BlackBerry WebWorks SDK: Two Allies that helped Simplify Development of Nursing App
Find out what it takes to successfully build and deploy a BlackBerry® app with the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ Platform and the PhoneGap open source development framework.

Michael Brooks, Software Barista with Nitobi Software Inc.

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For the past decade, Nitobi’s developers have made it clear that they’re not only interested in developing excellent mobile and web applications, but also in changing the way rich internet applications are built. Nitobi created the popular PhoneGap, an open source development tool used to build cross-platform applications that are designed to take advantage of core features of BlackBerry® SDKs. On top of application design and development, the Vancouver, Canada-based company offers its clients consulting services, training, and on-going technical support.

Nitobi CEO Andre Charland and software developer Michael Brooks tell us about the PhoneGap project, the importance of working with the Research In Motion Limited (RIM®) development team and how the BlackBerry WebWorks platform has embraced where the future of development is heading.

Tell us about the functionality of the PhoneGap tool.
PhoneGap acts as a bridge between web applications and mobile devices, and is similar to BlackBerry WebWorks in that it allows users to create native applications using web applications. The difference is that PhoneGap can be used across all platforms. It leverages HTML and JavaScript® and fits our web mentality of creating a unique user experience by creating applications that can function on any device.

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