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When I started as the Editor-In-Chief of Inside BlackBerry more than two years ago, I had no idea what to expect. That’s only half true: I knew it would involve BlackBerry® smartphones and “weblogging” in some form or fashion. While I was very familiar with RIM and BlackBerry prior to my arrival, I was also very new to the corporate world and social media was still pretty new to RIM. It was the start of an adventure.

And what an adventure it’s been! The social media team has added three additional Inside BlackBerry Blogs (Dev, Help, and Business) with a combined total of 1,164 posts across all four blogs; we have more than 20 million members of #TeamBlackBerry following BlackBerry every day on Facebook®, Twitter®, foursquare and every social network in between; and I’ve been able to jet around the world to bring #TeamBlackBerry the latest news or connect in person at dedicated events like Meet the PlayBook and #BB7FanNight. I’m proud of these accomplishments, and especially proud we earned them as a team.

So, why am I leaving? I crave new adventures and trying new things. I’m not sure what those new adventures will be or where they’ll take me, but there are a few things I am sure of that I’d like to share before I go. First, I will miss my wonderful colleagues at RIM, only a few of whom are pictured above (there are many more!). Second, that my great coworkers were only part of the reason why this job has been so special. Without you, #TeamBlackBerry, engaging with us every day — giving feedback and letting us know what’s important to you — Inside BlackBerry would not be possible, or as much fun. For that, you have my heartfelt thanks.

Lastly, that whatever path my next adventure takes me on, you can be sure I’ll have a BlackBerry smartphone, or a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, pointed to Inside BlackBerry, to stay connected with this amazing community I have been truly fortunate to be a part of. I suggest you do the same; there are so many great things on the horizon.

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