Top BlackBerry Nicknames from #TeamBlackBerry


Hey #TeamBlackBerry! It’s your Community Manager Mitchell here with another blog post. I am always amazed by how awesome our community is and how responsive you are to our questions, and I wanted to highlight another example. We asked #TeamBlackBerry the following question on Twitter®: Hey #TeamBlackBerry, Do you have a name for your BlackBerry? I call mine Torchy ^MS

The response was so great we decided to make a Wordle out of your nicknames. Check it out below:

BlackBerry nicknames

“Moraima” is by far my favorite name for a BlackBerry® smartphone. Translated from Latin it means “beautiful as the blackberry tree.” Super creative!

Thanks to everyone for participating! If this is your first introduction to the #TeamBlackBerry community fun, be sure to follow us at @BlackBerry and @BlackBerryBlog on Twitter (and don’t forget to download Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones v2.1). If you didn’t tweet your BlackBerry smartphone’s nickname to us previously, post it now in the comments section below!

About Mitchell S.

Mitchell is Research In Motion® (RIM®)'s Community Manager, who spends most of his day following conversation and tweets that happen around the BlackBerry® brand. He is actively engaging in conversations across RIM’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, MyBlackBerry) and will be authoring a few blog posts on Inside BlackBerry from time-to-time. Mitchell enjoys travelling, spending time with his friends and going to live shows on the weekend.

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