eBay 2.0 for BlackBerry smartphones is redesigned to make you a better buyer, seller and winner


eBay for BlackBerry

We’re happy to announce that eBay® 2.0 for BlackBerry® smartphones is now available. With the eBay 2.0 application for BlackBerry smartphones, you can search, watch, and bid – and now the app is designed so that you can share and publish a listing (sell) right from your BlackBerry smartphone. (As a soon-to-be buyer of holiday gifts for friends and family, I’d like to confirm that it’s an invaluable shopping tool!) But there are many more enhancements, too, so we asked product manager Ryan P. to share the highlights of the new and improved eBay 2.0 application for BlackBerry smartphones. Take it away, Ryan! – Ed.

First up, we’ve revamped the user interface and it is designed so that it can allow for easier navigation and quicker access to the features you use most. You’ll also find that the new advanced search options allow you to refine your search to help you find what you’re looking for. You can modify your search to indicate whether you’re looking for new or used items, which country eBay sites you’d like to reach, price range, and more! We’ve also added BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) integration, giving you the opportunity to post an item you’ve won as a personal message, or share a listing with your BBM contacts and chat about the item before purchasing it. You can even invite your BBM contacts to download the application if they don’t already have it.

Of course you’ll still find all of the buying features available from the first version, including items you’re bidding on, watching, won and lost, plus access to your saved searches and favorite sellers. The messaging system has also been enhanced to support more message types – including rich HTML messages – and you’ll still receive notifications about items you’re bidding on.

eBay for BlackBerry

As mentioned earlier, you can now use the eBay 2.0 application for BlackBerry smartphones to not only buy items but also sell them. Selling from just about anywhere using your BlackBerry smartphone is designed to be easy — you can use the integrated camera on your device to publish a new listing to one of the largest online trading communities. Already have a picture ready? Just select it from your photo library and rotate it if necessary, then upload it to your listing. Just like using your desktop browser, you can upload up to 12 images to your listing, and you have a full range of payment and shipping options to choose from.

eBay for BlackBerry

In addition to being able to post new listings, as a seller you’ll be able to keep on top of all of your active and scheduled listings as well as your listing history of sold and unsold items.

eBay for BlackBerry

So what are you waiting for? Download the eBay 2.0 application for BlackBerry smartphones today and bring your eBay buying and selling experience with you wherever you go.

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