BlackBerry Introduces: BlackBerry Fan of the Month, February 2012


Hey #TeamBlackBerry – I hope that everyone’s first month of the New Year was fantastic, and that you’re keeping up with your #BeBold resolutions.

We have gotten so much positive feedback since launching BlackBerry FOTM (Fan of the Month), and we have enjoyed reviewing your comments and nominations on our Twitter®, Facebook®, Flickr®, YouTube® and Inside BlackBerry Blog channels. We’ve since thoroughly combed each channel in search of our Fan of the Month for February, and after much consideration, I’m pleased to announce that this month’s BlackBerry FOTM is Ivan.

BlackBerry Fan of the Month Ivan

Ivan is a freelance photographer who lives in lovely Southern California, and manages a personal website. As a kid, Ivan dismantled his video game controllers just to figure out how to put them back together (a hobby he still enjoys). He also dabbles in computer programming, making him a bit of a self-proclaimed “computer lab rat”. Ivan is also a New York Yankees and San Diego Chargers fan (a little East Coast meets West Coast).

Ivan rocks a BlackBerry® Torch™ 9850 smartphone and is a dedicated advocate of #TeamBlackBerry. He frequently engages with fellow #TeamBlackBerry members to answer questions, give love to different apps, and provide tips and tricks – all while taking stellar pictures with his BlackBerry smartphone from the cool events he attends.

Without further ado, let’s hear from the man himself! Meet Ivan (@IvanSHarris):

1. How many years have you been on #TeamBlackBerry?

About five years this past January. On January 2, 2007, I got my first BlackBerry smartphone.

2. How many BlackBerry devices have you had? Which ones? What model do you have now?

My favorite would be the one I have now – the BlackBerry Torch 9850 smartphone. I’ve had eight BlackBerry devices in total.

3. What is it about BlackBerry that made you become a user in the first place? What makes you so passionate about our brand and our devices?

In 2007, the cut and paste and the big screen sold me, and I haven’t looked back since. I haven’t ever thought about getting a different phone. I wasn’t even using BBM™ at the time, and I can’t remember who added me first, but I love it now!

4. You’ve attended a few of our BlackBerry events. Any highlights to share? What do you like most about hanging out with other members of #TeamBlackBerry?

The atmosphere. Obviously, I pride myself on being a BlackBerry advocate. So I know a lot of stuff and I like showing off: “Did you know this?! Did you know that?!” Being in an environment with other users is great because we all share the passion. It’s kind of like sibling rivalry to see who loves BlackBerry more.

5. What is your favorite BlackBerry memory?

That would be my birthday week. The whole week of my birthday, I just had the greatest luck. Birthday luck. Usher had a concert and I was supposed to go – I was outside and they didn’t have my ticket. I’m standing outside and I don’t know how to get in, but I’m an open person and I just started talking to this guy…and he’s like “Don’t worry about it, man. I was supposed to give this ticket to my niece, but she’s not coming.” The guy was Usher’s uncle. Turns out I was close [to the stage], so of course I took my BlackBerry smartphone out. And Usher was doing this crazy dance – I can’t even explain it. But my BlackBerry smartphone was fully charged and ready to shoot some video.

6. What is your favorite BlackBerry app and why?

BBM. I just love it. It feels so personal and so direct as opposed to texting. You know when it was delivered and you know when it was read. I like having that personal contact.

I’ve also been using SocialScope. I like that it’s integrated with Facebook®.

7. How many BBM contacts do you have?

I have 47 contacts. My BBM contacts are all close friends and family or in the industry. I got my mom to get a BlackBerry smartphone and she said, “I can only contact you through BBM!”

8. Tell us about the BEST BBM you’ve ever received. What did it say and who was it from?

Actually, to tell you the truth, the best – the one that stands out – was when I was at the BBM Lounge. You could BBM the attendants and say “Hey, I need a new battery!” and they’d bring you a battery. That was awesome because I use my BlackBerry so much that I keep my charger in my pocket just in case.

For the BBM Lounge event, we had to meet at the Beverly Hills library, and we had a limo pick us up and take us to a mansion in the Hills. We scanned the barcodes [of the attendants], and you could BBM them. There was a wall with everybody’s messages. I BBM’d my Twitter® name and I don’t know how or why, but one of the photographers took a photo of my BBM and it made the website. The epitome of that night was that it was exclusive, and I love anything that’s exclusive. You know – the good life. You could BBM the BlackBerry family. The thing about BlackBerry is that they take care of their people.

9. What is your favorite BBM emoticon?

I love the new one that just came out with the new BBM update [6.1]. I used to use the one with the hand over the face because it could be used in so many different ways. My new favorite one is “I don’t know” with the hands stretched out.

10. If you could BBM your BlackBerry smartphone, what would you say?

“You and I have seen a lot in these streets.”

I’ve pretty much had a BlackBerry the entire time I’ve been in California. I’ve pretty much done and seen everything – I mean, you can’t live without your phone – without my BlackBerry.

“You and I have been through it all.”

11. What superhero/celebrity/metaphorical duo could represent you and your BlackBerry? (e.g. I’m Batman, my BlackBerry is Robin: here’s why…)

The Justice League. I don’t know who’s who – if I’m Superman or if it’s my BlackBerry, but we can do anything. Batman. Superman. The Flash. DC Comics. All of that.

12. Are you prepared to handle the fame that comes with being our Fan of the Month?

To be honest with you, I’m used to people contacting me. OF COURSE, I embrace it and I take it. And I’m definitely honored for it.

13. We know you’re in the entertainment industry and we’re curious: How does your BlackBerry help you do what you do?

To be honest with you, it’s real simple. It’s efficient. You don’t have to do a lot of navigating. You just do it, and it’s fast. My BlackBerry basically “talks” to me – especially with the calendar. And it will link to Facebook. It helps me a lot because it keeps me in order. I wouldn’t use a physical calendar, but the smartphone having all the same key elements of the calendar, it’s just amazing. I couldn’t live without my smartphone.

14. Aside from following all our BlackBerry social properties, how do you stay “in the know” when it comes to the latest BlackBerry news and happenings?

Google®. It’s like an encyclopedia, the new encyclopedia. Also, obviously and I have Twitter people I follow that are BlackBerry enthusiasts like myself. Sometimes I go into the stores. I live in the Sprint® store! I’m just a sponge with information – and then I do my research to make sure it’s accurate.

15. With regard to BlackBerry, what are you most looking forward to this year?

Well, of course, BlackBerry® 10 and the new smartphones. I love my BlackBerry® PlayBook ™ tablet – the fact that it has Adobe® Flash®, and that you can do almost everything like you would on a computer. I would love all that to be on my BlackBerry Torch smartphone or a new BlackBerry device.

16. How are you going to #BeBold this year?

I was trying to figure that out. It’s was one of the #JanuBerry questions. I want to #BeBold by being innovative, and stay on top of what I’m already doing – staying on top of my game. My BlackBerry is my communication device, so obviously this will be the tool to help me stay on top.

We can’t wait to introduce you to our next BlackBerry Fan of the Month next month. In the meantime, follow our February BlackBerry Fan of the Month, Ivan – @IvanSHarris

And be sure to stay in touch with our previous BlackBerry Fan of the Month:

JanuaryBrian (@Newshutr)

Remember, you could be next! So stay tuned, and if you have spotted someone who should be our Fan of the Month, let us know in the comments.

Last but not least, thank you for making our community what it is. We can’t wait to brag about you.

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