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It’s that time of year again, #TeamBlackBerry (the most wonderful time of the year, some would argue) – the big football game is happening on Sunday, February 5th, 2012, and if you happen to have a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet handy, we want to help you keep up with the action! There’s a ton of great apps available for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that can assist you in tracking stats, checking scores, playing some virtual football yourself and even throwing an awesome party. (Because really, who can resist a good football tailgate party?)

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can help you get the most out of Sunday football fun, and we think you’ll agree – it’s a great way to stay connected during the big game! This tablet multitasks better than any other, so you can plan, cook, watch, play, chat and trash-talk while you watch at home, at a friend’s, or at the bar.

You’ve got two days left until kickoff, so don’t delay – equip your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with these applications today and get ready to score a touchdown.

Pro Football Insider for BlackBerry PlayBook – NFL News

“Pro Football Insider” – sounds catchy, doesn’t it? And it could be you, once you’ve armed yourself with all the knowledge gained with this handy BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app from Pro Football Weekly, LLC. If you’re looking to get the most up-to-date game info and stats immediately, this is a must-have app during Sunday’s matchup.

Patriots Football Insider for BlackBerry PlayBook

For all the diehard New England fans who’ve got their fingers crossed for Tom to bring home the big prize, this app is for you. Thanks once again to Pro Football Weekly, LLC, New England fans can use this BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app to obtain in-depth coverage and expert analysis on their favorite team.

MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS for BlackBerry PlayBook

If you’re looking to completely round out your entire day of football madness, why not play some football during the commercial breaks? Madden NFL 12 by EA Sports for BlackBerry PlayBook puts the game in your hands. Think you can control a better game than the New England or New York? Step up and give it a shot!

For a limited time as well, MADDEN NFL 12 is just $3.99 USD in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront! Download the app for your Blackberry PlayBook tablet now and get the hard hitting action just in time for the game!

Poynt for BlackBerry PlayBook

Now that you’re equipped with sports apps for both research and play, it’s time to find a place to watch the big game. If your living room just won’t do – or if you’re still cleaning confetti out of your carpet from New Year’s Eve – then consider downloading the Poynt® for BlackBerry PlayBook app and start searching for the best venue for your get-together. The app is designed to display any number of restaurants and pubs close to your location, so you’re sure to find a spot that works for everyone.

Groceries Made Easy

If you do choose to go the house-party route, then one thing a good tailgate party needs is tasty snacks. Think about it: what goes better with football than chicken wings, or chili, or guacamole, or…well, you get the picture. The Groceries Made Easy app will help you keep track of what you need to pick up at the supermarket in order to feed your party guests – and ensure that you don’t run out of salsa by halftime.

Photo Editor Extreme

Did you notice that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is equipped with front and back-facing cameras? All the better to snap photos of your friends cheering on their chosen teams! Once you’ve got some good ones, use Photo Editor Extreme to edit, crop, flip, and create genuine works of art out of your photos – then share them across your social networks. Which brings us to our next app choice…

Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook

Providing live-running commentary on sports events has become commonplace now that Twitter® has exploded in popularity, and discussing the game across the Twittersphere is absolutely fun. Not only are you watching and talking about the game with your friends in the room, but with people all over the world as well! Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook – which runs in real time – is just the app to help you do so.

And of course, aside from these app choices, we’d be remiss to not include the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s host of handy built-in features. Use Video Chat to discuss the latest plays with friends, boot up the Browser to search for bits of trivia about your favorite football players, watch play-by-play videos with YouTube®, launch the Video Camera application to capture all of your party’s memorable moments…the list goes on.

What do you have planned for Sunday’s matchup, #TeamBlackBerry – and will you have your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in hand to help out with the action? Do you have any other apps to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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