Design Foresights: Imagining new ways to work, play and create [Video]


At Mobile World Congress 2012™ (MWC) in Barcelona, two concept demos are being shown to share some inspiration with the BlackBerry community and to show some of the possibilities and power of the BlackBerry® platform. In this blog post, the Design Foresights team at RIM explains the ideas further behind these concepts.

One thing that distinguishes the BlackBerry brand is our strong focus on enabling productivity and professionalism. With the way people work constantly evolving, the expectations of what collaboration tools should do are also continuously changing. At MWC, we have taken a look at a few aspects we think will be valuable for collaborating and what collaboration might look like in the world of tomorrow – effortless aesthetics and productive yet playful collaboration. Take a look at our MWC demos PitchRocket and Confetti to see further examples of what this could mean in practice.

PitchRocket concept demo

Many have a limited time to prepare for meetings and presentations, still we all know how an impressive presentation can really help someone who wants to pitch an idea or a concept. What if there was a way to create an astonishing presentation on the fly, even just a few minutes before a meeting starts? The concept demo PitchRocket shows what possibilities open up when combining the efficient text input of a handheld BlackBerry smartphone with the powerful graphics and high-resolution output of a BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Imagine writing simple text on your handheld device, and then instantly see it rendered as a beautiful, fluid and “living” presentation available on your PlayBook. The immediacy and combination of minimal input with maximized output is what we mean by “effortless aesthetics.”

Confetti concept demo

People bring PlayBook tablets to meetings and use them for presentations, note-taking and communicating. What if all these devices could be seamless joined into an extended work space linking all the screens? The Confetti demo shows what futuristic collaboration may look like on the BlackBerry platform. The tool enables sharing and presentation among participants, with a presence and direction-aware user interface as well as dynamic particle-like effects, allowing meeting participants to seamlessly collaborate in a productive yet playful way. Also, after seeing this demo, it’s clear that the PlayBook experience extends beyond the size of the device’s screen.

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