What is the future of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? Discussing the Mobile Device Management (MDM) Product Roadmap

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I’m thrilled to take the opportunity today to discuss with you Mobile Device Management (MDM) in the enterprise, and to present a clear picture of the roadmap for what many have known and loved as the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. Conversation has steadily heated up since BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion was announced, followed by the launch of BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0 and the BlackBerry® Device Service for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. Now the question has been asked: how do all of these pieces fit together, and where is it all going? You may also be wondering:

  • Is RIM getting rid of BlackBerry Enterprise Server?
  • What does the inclusion of Microsoft® ActiveSync® protocols mean for security?
  • Can iOS and Android devices (both tablets and smartphones) be managed with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion? Will the management be secure?
  • How will BlackBerry® 10 devices be managed?

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion: BlackBerry Enterprise Server and More

BlackBerry Enterprise Server has a rich history and is recognized as the most secure enterprise mobility device management solution available. Since its inception, the solution has grown in functionality, scalability, and a wide variety of other feature sets, and is now on version 5.0.3.

In the meantime, things in the market have gotten a bit messy and more than a bit challenging for IT administrators, IT specialists, and CIOs. Organizations are under pressure to support a wide variety of devices from multiple manufacturers, as well as multiple form factors, with tablets gaining steam as business tools. As a longstanding pillar of MDM in the enterprise, we’ve worked to provide a clean, simple, and secure solution to help you manage whatever gets thrown your way. This is BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. It’s a huge leap forward for device management, and it’s built on the valued security model introduced with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The evolution of BlackBerry Enterprise Server is BlackBerry Mobile Fusion.

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