Introducing BlackBerry Device Service for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion


After the launch of BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion, there’s been a great response from folks on our Twitter® feed, LinkedIn® group, and across the industry in general. We’re all very excited and, as you can imagine, the office is buzzing with activity as we try and provide more information and respond to customer questions on this exciting new generation of Mobile Device Management technology.

The biggest area of interest is around the specific details of the BlackBerry® Device Service component of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. Simply put, the BlackBerry Device Service is to BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets as the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is to BlackBerry smartphones. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server manages your current BlackBerry smartphones, and the BlackBerry Device Service allows you to manage and secure your organization’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablets – and, moving forward, it will also manage BlackBerry® 10 smartphones. But that’s not all that BlackBerry Device Service offers – there’s even more going on underneath the covers.

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