Be More Social with Updated BBM Connected Apps: Facebook, Twitter and More!



Get ready, #TeamBlackBerry! Some of your favorite apps are about to become BBM™ connected and join the list of the over 800 BBM connected applications available on the BlackBerry App World™ storefront. We are very excited to announce that updates of some of the apps you know and love – Facebook® for BlackBerry smartphones, Twitter® for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry® Travel™, BlackBerry App World, BBM™ Music, and BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM) – will begin to roll out throughout the next 10 days. (Note: BBM connected apps may not be available in all countries.)

For those who are not aware, BBM connected applications integrate BBM functionality right into the app, so you can do things like invite BBM friends to experience your favorite apps, chat with BBM contacts from inside the BBM connected app, and share and discover new BlackBerry apps and content with friends – without ever leaving the app!

These applications have a whole new slew of features that make your BlackBerry smartphone experience even better. Let’s have a look:

BBM gets BlackBerry Tag functions and new animated avatars!

BBM is being upgraded to be better than ever with BlackBerry® Tag integration*, the ability to send voice notes quicker, a simpler way to update your profile message, and new app integrations.

To add to all of this, BBM v6.2 now offers a sample of all new animated avatars! When you’re logged into BBM, just scroll over the animated avatars to see what they do, then share them with friends to express how you’re feeling when words alone just aren’t enough.

*BlackBerry Tag requires an NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry® 7.1 OS or higher.

Integration of Facebook and Twitter with BBM

Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v3.0 and Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones v3.0 are now BBM connected apps. When you connect Facebook and Twitter with BBM, you can share your latest status updates and tweets as your BBM Personal Message by simply selecting the “Share with BBM” icon from within the app. You can also opt to share tweets or Facebook updates with your BBM contacts in one centralized location.



BlackBerry Travel goes Social

The updated BlackBerry Travel v2.5* is now a BBM connected app. What does that mean to you? Now you can instantly update BBM contacts with your travel status in just a few simple steps. Jet-setting across the world? You can easily let all your BBM friends know just where you landed and what you’re up to.


*The BlackBerry Travel application requires activation with a data plan with Internet service. Certain features of the BlackBerry Travel application may not be available for all geographic locations or from all service providers. Check with your service provider for availability, cost and restrictions.

BlackBerry App World

Now that the BlackBerry App World storefront is BBM connected, your most recent app download can be automatically shared with your contacts through your BBM profile – without ever having to leave BlackBerry App World! Also, you can easily share your favorite app with a friend using BlackBerry Tag* by simply tapping your NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphone with theirs.

*NFC technology is dependent on carrier and device capabilities.

Easy Invites for BBM Music

BBM Music – the music app that lets you share, listen, and comment on your friends’ music – now also allows you to mark favorite songs/playlists, which creates a more personalized shuffle.

Since BBM Music is a BBM connected app, new contacts with BBM Music are recommended to you right from within the BBM Music app itself! That means it’s easier to find others to connect with so you can expand your music collection. Before you accept a contact to your network, feel free to check out their songs and see which friends you have in common.

These updates are great news for developers who leverage the BBM Social Platform to help make their apps more visible and easier to find. It’s even better news for BBM users who are seeking to discover and share new app experiences and content within their BBM contacts.

For more information and to download the new versions of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry Travel, BBM Music and BBM, visit BlackBerry App World. Updates for the apps will roll out throughout the next 10 days, so be sure to check the BlackBerry App World Carousel daily or wait for the app update notifications – and don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know what you think about these new app updates!

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