App World Wednesday: 4 Great Free Apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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There’s something magical about the words “free apps.” Sure, we know that the BlackBerry® App World™ storefront is chock full of great apps well worth our hard-earned money, but we also love finding the apps that are awesome and useful without costing a thing. Let’s take a look at four and unique (and did I mention free!) apps for your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet:

Box for BlackBerry PlayBook – By Box, Inc.
Box does a great job storing your documents “in the cloud” and letting you access them from anywhere. This is why it’s a fave pick of Inside BlackBerry for Business blogger Luke. Box also allows you to download files and store them locally for offline access as well. When you sign up for a free Box account, you also get 50GB of free storage for your documents (more space is available for a fee). For online collaboration or for accessing files from anywhere, Box is a solid performer.

Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook – By the Pumping Lemma Company
If you’re the kind of Twitter® user who likes to make lists of users to keep your feed organized, then you’ve surely got at least one of the several great paid Twitter list-management apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. For the low price of free, however, Lemma is a winner. Lemma for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets is also cool because it’s open source, meaning the raw code can be downloaded from GitHub and updated, optimized and enhanced by the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ developer community.

Flashlight Free – By The Jared Company
Discover if the noise under your bed is just the cat or your childhood monster returning by using this handy flashlight app. For those of us who use our BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as an alarm clock next to the bed, it’s like having an always-charging flashlight at the ready when you need it. The Jared Company’s wildly popular app lights the LED on BlackBerry® smartphones, but on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, it bathes the entire screen in white light. Your stubbed toes will thank you for downloading this one.

E! News Now for BlackBerry PlayBook – By E! Entertainment Television Inc.
For BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users who love to follow their favorite celebrities, there’s E! News Now for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. Turn your favorite tablet into your favorite tabloid with this robust app which includes over a dozen daily video reports and a “breaking news” ticker at the bottom.

So whether you need storage, social reporting, a light in the darkness, or good old-fashioned celebrity gossip on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, our talented pool of developers is there for you – check out the robust selection of free – and paid– apps including a large selection of free Android apps available in BlackBerry App World. To our developers, thank you for your hard work, and don’t be shy about sharing your creations with #TeamBlackBerry!

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