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With all the smartphone options on the market today, I thought I’d dedicate some special Top 3 Tuesday time to discuss reasons to choose BlackBerry® smartphones. I’ve been talking to a lot of BlackBerry fans recently about why they picked BlackBerry smartphones to be their device of choice, and there are three simple (yet powerful!) reasons that come up time and time again. With these testimonials in mind, here are the three most popular reasons to choose BlackBerry.

Connected: BlackBerry smartphones have some unique and powerful messaging applications that help keep you connected to what matters most to you. BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) and email functions are the obvious examples here – and they’re designed to make communicating quick, easy and in the moment – but there are subtle nuances that make a big impact in sharing what’s important to you, too. Apps can be designed to be socially connected — not only between contacts, but with other apps as well. This makes it simple for you to share what game you’re playing, to chat about the sport scores of your favorite team, or update your social networks – all from within the app you’re already using and designed to be efficient and seamlessly connected. Your BlackBerry smartphone keeps your fingers on the pulse of your networks, your business and your loved ones.

Productive: People have been saying this for years, and it’s still true today –BlackBerry smartphones help you get things done. Whether it’s answering emails, editing documents, or even planning travel, the system is designed to help you easily navigate and be efficient. For those interested, the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog has got a ton of tips and shortcuts for you to check out, but that’s just the beginning. There are a ton of apps that come built-in (or are available to download for free) that are designed to make you more productive. An example of this is BlackBerry® Mobile Conferencing, which is designed to save you time. Once you activate the app permissions, the app will automatically pull out conference call numbers from your appointments to create a “Join Now” button that allows you to dial in with one click. Another good example is BlackBerry® Traffic, which is designed to find and display the fastest route to your destination — including the option of notifying your key contacts with your estimated time of arrival.

But my personal favorite productivity feature is something as simple as Universal Search. Simply start typing what you want to find, and it automatically presents you with items on your phone, in your applications and beyond to things like search engines or media service apps. It saves you time, and in the end, that leaves you with time to do more in your everyday life.

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Choice and value: Everyone on Team BlackBerry is an individual — no two BlackBerry smartphone users are the same. There are many distinct lines of BlackBerry smartphones designed to offer you choices best suited to your personal preferences. For keyboard lovers, there are the BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphones and BlackBerry® Curve™ smartphones, but there’s also the BlackBerry® Torch™ line of smartphones designed to offer larger touchscreen experiences. There are different models in each line to match your needs and your budget, each of them offering exceptional value for what’s included out of the box in terms of accessories and built-in or free to download apps.

BlackBerry smartphones are also designed to provide ongoing value through exceptional data handling and efficiency as well. This is designed to help you by keeping your smartphone usage costs at a manageable level. For those of you in a monthly contract, think of how much you could save over the life of your term!

There you have it: three great reasons to choose BlackBerry smartphones. Why did you pick BlackBerry? Tell me below in the comments.

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