Drive Down Total Cost of Ownership and Protect Your Investment: Interview with OtterBox [VIDEO]


(Originally posted on the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog)

When I say that BlackBerry® is used for business, I’m not only referring to the corporate tower sheathed in reflective glass with its soft carpets and mahogany board rooms. Industries like construction, field services, and law enforcement also make use of BlackBerry devices, and rely on them to get the job done in what can be hostile environments. In these scenarios, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the smartphones is important to factor in, especially concerning durability.

Over our social media conversations with #TeamBlackBerry, we’ve heard many great stories about how BlackBerry smartphones have pulled through in daring circumstances. Beyond the inherent durability and quality of materials used in designing BlackBerry smartphones, there are protective cases designed to further ruggedize your smartphone. This doesn’t just protect your smartphone; it protects your investment and can reduce long-term costs.

Enter my friends at OtterBox! We’ve worked with the OtterBox team for many years, and we were able to catch up with them to explore how the work that they do extends beyond a simple case for your phone, and goes deep into providing core benefits for major industries. OtterBox cases can work to drive down the Total Cost of Ownership I mentioned above. Check out the video below for the full scoop:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Do you work in an industry that demands a ruggedized smartphone? Have any stories about your BlackBerry smartphone surviving the odds to fight another day? Share in the comments below!

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