Recap: Thorsten Heins Talks BlackBerry 10


Last week our CEO, Thorsten Heins, spent some time in New York speaking with the media and carrier partners about BlackBerry® 10 – the devices, the platform and what both represent for the future of RIM®.

Here’s what a few of them had to say:

  • The Financial Times’ Paul Taylor wrote, “The new handsets will aim to change the way people use smartphones by exploiting the multitasking capabilities of the new hardware and software and threading together applications rather than requiring users to stop using one app in order to open up another.”
  • Hugo Miller of Bloomberg News noted that “BB10, which has an improved Web browser and the ability to jump between applications while they continue running, is the linchpin of RIM’s efforts to regain market share from Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Licensing the new software to other manufacturers may help bolster investors’ confidence in the operating system.”
  • In an article by Will Connors of The Wall Street Journal, he wrote that “One carrier executive who has seen presentations of recent versions of the phone said he thinks it is a marked improvement over its existing devices and potentially gets the company more competitive with Android.” And in the same article, Mark Siegel from AT&T stated, “We value our relationship with RIM and look forward to working with them on existing and new products.”
  • And with regard to the look and feel of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones, Joshua Topolsky from The Verge commented that, “The QWERTY device also has a touchscreen, but is styled in the classic vein of the Bold line. It’s a handsome phone.”

With BlackBerry® Jam Americas right around the corner, we’re ramping up for a lot more BlackBerry 10 content. Come back often for the latest and greatest.

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