First Look: Apps, Videos, Music and More: BlackBerry App World on BlackBerry 10 [VIDEO]


Just moments ago at BlackBerry ® Jam Americas 2012, attendees got a sneak peek at what we’re working on for the all-new BlackBerry App World ™ storefront. BlackBerry ® 10 will have more than just games and apps available on BlackBerry App World — users will also have access to music and videos*, all using a single BlackBerry ID ®. For BlackBerry 10, we’ve secured great brands and media partners including Facebook®, foursquare, and Gameloft, and we’re making it easier to manage your content, all through a single BlackBerry ID.

To explore it a bit more through a brief demo, I caught up with BlackBerry 10 expert Michael Clewley for an interview:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

There’s also a new BlackBerry App World for work as part of the BlackBerry ® Balance ™ technology in BlackBerry 10, which makes it easy for organizations to deploy and recommend apps for their employees. More on that feature with Luke over at the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog.

Excited to get using the new BlackBerry App World? Let us know in the comments.

*Music and video store access may by limited in some regions.

For this video, we used the latest developer hardware prototype model, the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B, to demonstrate concepts we’re working on for BlackBerry 10. This device is not representative of final hardware.

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