Introducing Built for BlackBerry and the $10K Developer Commitment


Quality matters. You heard it from Alec Saunders in May at BlackBerry® 10 Jam in Orlando. Quite simply, better apps have a greater chance of success. We feel the best way to help you reach that success is to be fully committed to supporting our developer community’s efforts. Quality is the cornerstone of the developer experience improvements we’ve been working on, and RIM® is dedicated to working with developers to bring the best apps to our customers.

Two of the ways Alec outlined our commitment to quality in the developer community and app ecosystem are with regards to app reviews and the 10K commitment. Today we’re excited to share more information on these initiatives: Built for BlackBerry and the $10K Developer Commitment.

In the Built for BlackBerry program coming this fall, you will be able to submit BlackBerry® 10 WebWorks™ or BlackBerry® 10 Native apps for third-party review. This will be free (for now). BlackBerry 10 apps that pass will receive “Built for BlackBerry” quality status, which you can display on your site, in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront – anywhere you market your apps. This is a great opportunity for professional developers to powerfully differentiate their apps in BlackBerry App World.

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