BlackBerry Apps for Runners Help Elevate Your Training, Lower Your Times


We’re well into marathon training season and my wife and I are (trying to be) avid runners. We enjoy going for runs together and at meet-ups with our local running club. When just getting into the sport, the first few weeks are often the toughest, but once you commit, you’ll start improving your times and pushing your endurance to new limits.

Since I’m also a gadget geek, I usually end up talking to other runners about the mobile devices and apps they use to keep track of their training, pace, and so on. My goal isn’t to be the fastest runner, but I’m definitely focused on improvement. I wanted to share a few of my favorite BlackBerry ® device fitness apps that can help you to reach your running goals:

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO by Endomondo – The paid version of this free app allows you to track your activity using the GPS in your BlackBerry ® smartphone, and also includes audio feedback. The free version is nicely robust, but for about the price of a cup of gourmet coffee you can review graphs of your performance and get help from the audio coach while you’re working out.

runtastic PRO by runtastic GmbH – A second solid paid version of a more basic free app, runtastic PRO includes many of the same Sports Tracker PRO features, but includes a social media component allowing you to share your progress with your friends via Facebook® and Twitter®.

Fitness Tracker by Magra Systems – Probably the most basic (but least expensive) run tracker of these three is Fitness Tracker. Fitness Tracker tracks your run results, pace, and distance, but also catalogues your results and offers for more info on your training route. It’s a lightweight app, so you can listen to your music while running.

If you have any favorite fitness apps or thoughts on the apps I’ve shared, shout ‘em out in the comments section. Let’s get running!

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