Mobile Life Part 2 – The Tablet Habit


We recently took a look at U.S. consumer mobility trends of smartphone usage. Today I’d like to switch gears to focus on mobility trends with regard to tablet usage. Data shows that people use tablets for games, as a social tool, as e-readers, or a combination of all three. So how does your tablet usage compare?

Let’s dive in to some fun tablet stats to see how your tablet habit compares with that of your friends and neighbors:

  1. 25 percent of smartphone owners also use a tablet.
  2. The average tablet user spends 90 minutes on their tablet every day.
  3. Over 60 percent of tablet owners use their tablet for at least 2 hours per day, and 11 percent say they use their tablet “constantly.”
  4. 80 percent of tablet users say that tablets have improved their work/life balance.
  5. 70 percent of tablet owners play games on their device. (I’ll raise my hand for this one, as I’m a frequent gamer on my BlackBerry ® PlayBook ™ tablet. Madden NFL 12, anyone?)
  6. 60 percent of tablet owners use their device to read e-books. With larger screens than smartphones and a nearly unlimited supply of books, the ability to curl up with a good (electronic) book is becoming increasingly popular on tablets.
  7. 34 percent of tablet owners use their tablets for shopping during the weekends. 46 percent of those said they would turn to a competitor’s website instead if they had a poor tablet shopping experience.
  8. 35 percent of tablet owners say they have used them in the bathroom. Now that’s just gross.

Sources: ComScore, Staples, Zmags

If you have a tablet habit, I’d like to hear your thoughts about why you own a tablet and, if so, how and why you use it. Feel free to share, comment, and submit questions in the comment section below.

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