Time for a BlackBerry Device Cleaning


Cleaning a BlackBerry smartphone

We strive to keep our BlackBerry ® devices free from dust, dirt and grime, but we live in a world where our devices demand our dirty fingers. Looking inside our mobile devices, unused apps and old data allow virtual “dirt” to take up our BlackBerry smartphone’s memory in the same way. With fall upon us and winter quickly approaching, our devices will soon be snapping festive pics and loading up on holiday emails. It’s time we did some fall cleaning!

First, to get rid of the nasty crud on the outside of your device, start by removing any case your device is sporting and then wipe down your device with a soft, slightly dampened, lint-free cloth. You may have to use a small cotton swab to get into some of the tighter corners and crevices. Remember to use distilled water instead of harsh cleaners or abrasive rags on your device as they can damage it. And don’t forget to give your case a good scrubbing before putting it back on.

Second, let’s take a look at excess/old data and apps that are taking up space on your device. Make sure you do a backup and sync all pictures and files using BlackBerry® Desktop Software before you do anything, just in case you delete something you need to access later. Syncing your device with your desktop or laptop can also allow you to remove things from your device while making space for new items.

Finally, once you’ve identified them, removing apps is pretty easy:

  • Launch the BlackBerry App World ™ storefront from the “All” tray
  • From the BlackBerry App World home screen, select “My World” (If the home screen is not displayed, press the “Back” key to return to it)
  • You’ll see a list of your installed apps. Scroll to the desired app and press the “Menu” key
  • Scroll to and choose “Delete”. You will need to confirm this choice on the next screen
  • If prompted, choose “Restart Now” or restart your device
  • Your BlackBerry device will restart, and the app should be uninstalled

NOTE: The uninstalled app is still associated with your account and can be reinstalled at any time by scrolling to the “Uninstalled” section of “My World” in BlackBerry App World.

Here’s where you do your happy dance because you now have the cleanest BlackBerry smartphone in the neighborhood. When the holiday parties come around, you’ll be the one snapping pics with a shiny smartphone and swagger in your step.

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