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I’m a sports fanatic, and over the past few years I’ve noticed there’s a new game in sports. Sports teams, organizations, athletes, and even fantasy leagues are all online, using social media, chat forums, websites and more to captivate fans before, during and after games. If thumb typing were a sport, I’m pretty sure I could be the champion.

With football season in full swing both in North America and abroad, I’m amazed to see how fans interact with their favorite teams and players on social media. Want to check the score of the latest match? There are many sports apps that can help you out, but some might find it more useful to check Twitter® or Facebook®, for color commentary from passionate likeminded fans. You can also become a real armchair coach by tweeting with individual players to comment on that beauty touchdown, or to chirp that dreadful botched pass. Football is far from the only sport to go social – we’re seeing it everywhere:

  • Throughout last baseball season, BlackBerry ® sponsored the Blue Jays BlackBerry Tweeting Tuesday program, where fans submit photos and explain why they should be called “Fan of the Game.” Not only does the winner receive digital glory, but they are highlighted on Canadian national TV after the game.
  • Many consider World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE®), to be the Holy Grail for fan engagement. With more than 115 million followers across its social media channels – 10 million fans on Facebook alone – it has as firm a hold on its digital fanbase as its players do on their opponents.
  • FOX Sports™ hired eight full-time employees dedicated to social media during NFL games this season. Whether good or bad, if an athlete tweets it, Fox knows about it. It certainly proved effective during the widely discussed substitute referee incidents early in the season.
  • Trade Deadline Day in the National Hockey League has been changed forever because of social media updates about trades. (Remember the NHL?)
  • We even got to see which Major League Baseball team won the World Series according to Twitter.

Using social media applications on your BlackBerry device allows you to not only follow, but also to engage with your favorite teams and athletes. Which teams and players are you following? Do you have any tricks on engaging with them on your BlackBerry device? Let us know in the comment section below.

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