Cooking With Your BlackBerry PlayBook


Cooking tips with BlackBerry PlayBook

One of my favorite things about the drop in temperatures is that the holidays – and holiday meals – aren’t far away. We do a lot of planning and preparing of festive, traditional holiday meals. If you’re like me, you might even keep photos of delicious meals on your BlackBerry ® smartphone to remind yourself how the final product should look—or as a trophy for a job well done. This year, I decided not to dust off the old cookbooks, but instead prepare a gourmet holiday meal using only my BlackBerry ® PlayBook ™ tablet.

Step 1: Finding Recipes – I store cookbooks on my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet through the Kobo by Kobo, Inc. reader app. Since we make so many holiday dishes simultaneously, it’s nice that I can reclaim some counter space by having all the recipes I need on one device.

Step 2: Measuring Ingredients – It’s great to think on the fly, but when it comes to replicating a family recipe, a unit conversion app helps to ensure you’re adding the right quantities to your dishes. This will especially help if you’re travelling across borders and cooking in unfamiliar kitchens with different utensils.

Step 3: Crises Aversion – Sometimes I need to call my grandmother, mom, or mother-in-law, for a cooking tip to avoid an emergency situation. Since “showing” is always better than “telling” when it comes to food, we use the Video Chat app on our BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. They can tell me exactly what to do, and it’s often something I’ve never considered.

Step 4: Capturing the Final Meal – After developing a masterpiece, it’s important to document it. Use the camera on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to photograph your meal. Using an app like Scrapbook, create a collage with customized colors and text.

So, when cooking with a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, what recipe would you try first?

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