Action Starts for India and Thailand BlackBerry Users


We live in a busy world with more connection to international cultures than ever before, but are we really taking the time to appreciate it? Recently I connected with some members of our teams in Thailand and India about something I thought was pretty cool. In August, they launched an initiative called “Action Starts Here” with the goal of inspiring people to take action to get things done. The symbol of this charge is the BlackBerry “spark” — the white star icon with a red background on your BlackBerry device — which has been known to inspire action in more than a few people I know. The teams opened the response up to the community to share their own “action item” they wanted to perform.

The folks at BlackBerry India were nice enough to share a few graphics surrounding the pledges made by their BlackBerry device users, and I’ve shared them with you below. Seriously, how great is it that 24% of pledges have to do with friendship?

Action Starts Here pledge from BlackBerry India

Action Starts Here pledge from BlackBerry Indi

Action Starts Here pledge from BlackBerry Indi

But what I enjoyed more than the taglines and commercials was the response from the people. Some pledges were very straightforward (“Run,” “Quit smoking,” etc.), while others were far more personal and complex. For example, Teach for India fellow Himani Sanghvi pledged to set up a computer and resource-sharing center for her school, which is in Dharavi, a slum in the suburbs of Mumbai. While this may seem a lofty goal for some, Himani’s dedication is the embodiment of BlackBerry people in action, and hopefully helps to motivate all of us to accomplish our own pledge to get things done.

Learning about the “Action Starts Here” initiative is inspiring me. Tell us what action you’d like to start in your community.

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