App World Wednesday: 4 Radical Retro Arcade Games for your BlackBerry Device


Retro arcade games on BlackBerry

Earlier I blogged about Gamer Nostalgia on BlackBerry Devices, which was a roundup of some old school, nostalgia-inspiring games for BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. After reading a few reader comments it occurred to me that beyond the games we played on ancient consoles in our parents’ basements, we also filled our pockets with quarters and travelled to a quintessential geek hangout to play our favorite games – the video arcade.

As an arcade fan, I had to highlight some of the incredible arcade games now available for BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets in the BlackBerry App World storefront.

  • Gauntlet (IN) by Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.: In this game, players must select one of four mythical characters – Thor the Warrior, Merlin the Wizard, Thyra the Valkyrie and Questor the Elf – and use their player’s unique strengths to reign supreme. As a youngster, my parents saw this game as a way to teach me about the merits of individuality. While I didn’t exactly grow up wielding a sword like Thor, I like to think my childhood top scores in this game speak for themselves.
  • Pac-Man – FREE Trial by Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.: The 8-year-old arcade fan boy in me is overjoyed to know that the graphics in this arcade classic haven’t deviated from the original Pac-Man. The grownup in me enjoys the game’s modern-day features like Bluetooth multi-player connectivity. For hardcore Pac-Man players, try the Championship Edition.
  • Space Invaders Evolution by Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.: One of the most memorable and arcade games is now available on your BlackBerry smartphone! Get ready for your intergalactic mission to eliminate the source of the space invaders, the Mothership. Are you ready to save the world?
  • Galaga by Namco Networks America, Inc.: One of the longest-running arcade games in history, Galaga back and ready for your BlackBerry smartphone. Get ready to defend against alien fire and escape their collision-course formation attacks when you relive one of the greatest arcade classics.

For even more arcade games, check out BlackBerry App World!

Do you have an all-time favorite arcade game? Can you play it on your BlackBerry device? Let us know in the comment section below.

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