Hub and Flow: BlackBerry 10 at the Center of your Day


BlackBerry 10 Hub and Flow

If you watched Thorsten Heins and Vivek Bhardwaj demonstrate BlackBerry 10 at BlackBerry Jam Americas, you may have seen a glimpse of two cool features Thorsten called “BlackBerry Hub” and “BlackBerry Flow.” While these two technologies aren’t all that BlackBerry 10 has in store, they are two of the features you’re probably going to use a lot once you score your new mobile device. You’ve seen the demos, now here are 5 things it means for everyday users like us:

  1. BlackBerry Hub is baked in. There’s no app to download and no QR code to scan to install BlackBerry Hub. As soon as you wake up your device, Hub is running and is always just a swipe away from anywhere in BlackBerry 10.
  2. BlackBerry Hub is united. Replacing the traditional inbox, BlackBerry Hub combines your email, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) messages, tweets, Facebook messages, appointments and more in a complete, always-on information source.
  3. BlackBerry Flow is seamless. As some apps overlap features, it can be a challenge to keep track of which app is handling which function. With BlackBerry Flow, it doesn’t matter since you can run several apps and simply slide from one to the next without losing your place.
  4. BlackBerry Flow saves time. How many times have you been typing an email and needed to add the email address of a co-worker from your contacts? I find myself in this situation a lot – BlackBerry 10 reduces the hassle and interruption of closing one thing to get information from another . Can you imagine having the ability to slide an email to the side then search your contacts for an email address? I’ve been using it for a while and these subtle nuances add up to an amazing mobile experience.
  5. Hub and Flow are a part of a “new user paradigm.” Okay, I borrowed this line from Thorsten’s keynote. But when you think about it, BlackBerry 10 is a bigger shift in how you interact with your smartphone than a simple change of scenery. It’s a change of experience.

What did you think of the demos around BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Flow? What more do you want to know about these great new features? What are you looking forward to seeing? Sound off in the comments!

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