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While we all eagerly await our BlackBerry 10 devices, I wanted to share a secret: You might be already using BlackBerry 10. Well, a part of it, anyway. Before you go trying to “Peek” at apps on your BlackBerry Torch smartphone or use “Flow” on your BlackBerry Bold smartphone, I should tell you that the beating heart of your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – and even your car – is a glimpse into what is powering BlackBerry 10. A great exchange of ideas and technologies is the result of a partnership between BlackBerry and QNX, and customers can already see the results in the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet operating system as well as in millions of cars.

Let’s see how QNX technology already brings elements of BlackBerry 10 into your life:

  • QNX technology in your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet: The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s true multitasking ability is part of its DNA. QNX is a major developer of Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) technology, which helped lead to Peek and Flow in application switching – what Thorsten Heins called “the new design paradigm.”
  • QNX technology in your car: The Washington Post recently called QNX “the future of in-car tech” while taking a look at the QNX CAR application platform. The QNX CAR platform enables automakers to make highly connected and customizable infotainment systems using the same web standards embraced by BlackBerry 10. If you’ve ever used OnStar in a General Motors automobile or ConnectedDrive in a BMW, you’ve used a small piece of the instant access that QNX technology helps brings to BlackBerry 10 devices.

QNX is also driving innovation in the industry with future concepts, like this video of an imagined look at a car of the future. If this is the kind of product they’re envisioning for the future, I personally can’t wait to see it in market.

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

All of our partners and developers are coming together to make the BlackBerry 10 OS a success. So the next time someone asks when you’re getting BlackBerry 10, you can likely tell them you already have a piece of it — and so do they.

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