Inside HTML5 and the New BlackBerry 10 Web Browser


Inside the HTML5 browser on BlackBerry 10

For those who don’t know, HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, the language that acts as the digital skeleton of most web pages. Probably the coolest thing about HTML5 is that it does more than just power web pages — it also powers web apps. These apps can work both online and offline to provide an experience much like a native app, meaning mobile browsers will have to be equipped to handle HTML5 quickly and smoothly.

This is where the BlackBerry 10 browser fits in nicely. The BlackBerry 10 browser itself is an HTML5 application, working as a gateway that serves up pages written in nearly any programming language, including HTML5. But that’s only half of the story. The BlackBerry 10 browser is also an extremely revved-up result of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet browser (which may just have the best HTML5 score for a tablet browser in the industry). This is the browser available in new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. This allows for not only compatibility of pages designed now and in the future, but also a faster browsing experience.

Who’s excited?

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